Two Scenes of the Society

all star comics 3Stargirl debuted last night on the DC Universe app.  I premiered tonight in an edited form on the CW.  About 10 minutes were cut for the network tv premiere, though not because of touchy content or anything.  I opted for the full-length version.  The episode was good on a number of levels: great acting, high production values, the obvious slow burn of things that makes weekly television viewing such an interesting experience in these days of binging.

Perhaps the coolest thing for me (besides the fact that the show had pop music in it like so many shows used to do frequently) was the appearance of the Justice Society of America.  In the comics, the JSA started it all . . . back in the forties.  Stargirl starts off with this flashback from “the Golden Age” of ten years ago (a necessary jump, I suppose).  Luke Wilson’s Pat Dugan character serves as the entry point-of-view.  The name-checked characters are obviously important to the story going forward.  Here’s the scene:

A second scene later in the episode has another nod to the Society.  This time it involves a picture (which looks a lot like the All-Star Comics cover from the 1940s) and the possibility of Courtney’s connection to the original Starman.  It’s a nice, quiet moment set in some well-done action pieces.

The show is off to a great start, I think.  It will be a good show to have through the early summer months.  Like so many examples of great storytelling, it works with multiple generations through one larger narrative.  I look forward to seeing things unfold.

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