Summer’s Start

Without a new movie from Marvel to mark the occasion, the responsibility falls back to Memorial Day weekend to unofficially “kick off” the summer season.  On some level, it’s a very different Memorial Day for many, as this Frazz strip hints at:

Frazz Memorial DayThe day was mostly normal for me.  We’ve had cool mornings and evenings still, which has been great.  Did some school work, got some reading and writing done, and spent some time with the neighbors.  Beyond today, like is slowly returning to something like pre-Covid life.  Sushi a couple of times a week, some of my favorite shops opening back up, catching a quick ride in still-mostly-empty buses.  Two weeks until the school year officially ends and restaurants open back up for sit-in service.  I wonder if the next two weeks will go by as quickly as the last quarter of school.

In preparation for this week’s final season premiere of Agents of SHIELD, I’ve been watching Agent Carter on Disney+.  I tried watching the show years ago when it aired on network TV, but it was just different enough that I couldn’t quite get into the flow.  It works much better over a shorter period of time.  And since it was a mid-season series to give SHIELD a break for two seasons, the stories move at a nice pace.  Rumor has it that at least one character from the show will appear in SHIELD‘s final season, which will be a nice nod to the MCU’s bigger story (even if there are no nods to recent movies).

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