The Medium and the Messenger

Video conferencing has become the norm for anyone working or learning from home these days.  And while I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue doing things that I love, I’m also interested in seeing how others might catalog the experience.  A number of articles have been written about the ups and downs of using Zoom or Google Meet.  Large groups can be difficult and lifeless.  Muting and unmuting microphones can seem like a simple action that takes forever.  And it’s not easy to look in the camera as a way of seeing eye-to-eye; it’s much easier to look people in the eyes and therefore into some weird, undefined direction.

Jef Mallett has picked up on one particular quirk of video-conferencing: how the camera can make even the most interesting person something of a bore.  Here are three of this week’s Frazz strips:

Frazz Zoom 1

Frazz Zoom 2

Frazz Zoom 3One of my hopes throughout all of this is that we’ll rediscover some things, much like the student in the third strip.  “I know about language.  I just didn’t realize it worked so well written down.”  I’m more and more convinced that the written word is one of the most potent, and overlooked, things we can enjoy.

(images from

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