Two Years All at Once

After some technical difficulties Wednesday night, I was finally able to catch the season seven premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  This season finds Coulson and crew traveling through the past . . . and possibly looking at key moments in Marvel history from a SHIELD versus HYDRA perspective.

I write “Coulson and crew,” which isn’t quite true now that Mack is in charge.  But Coulson has been with the team since the beginning.  For having six seasons under it’s best, the show has done a good job of keeping a core team (and being careful and intentional when bringing in new characters).  Coulson, of course, has been dead (again) for a while, which is why his presence in season seven as an LMD is interesting.  It also gives us one more chance to see a fantastic world through the eyes of a fanboy, which Coulson has been since his earliest days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s the moment Coulson is “brought back.”  An interesting ethical dilemma.  “Two years of memories all at once,” Simmons might say.

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