Essaying Meaning

This week has been packed . . . packed with meetings and conversations and emails and forms and spreadsheets.  It’s easy to forget the intensity of this part of the end of the school year.  But it’s been good, too.  I’m looking forward to some time away, especially since restaurants and coffee shops should be doing dine-in service again starting tomorrow.  I’ve got a lot of Coffee Bean time to catch up on.

A few days ago I posted some comics that had to do with writing for school.  Frazz by Jef Mallett has continued the “theme” for the last few days.  Here are the two most recent entries.  Definitely a couple of layers of insight involved.  First:

Frazz Essay 1A common issue, for sure.  But it’s also one with a nice twist in this continuation:

Frazz Essay 2Good writing removes unnecessary barriers as well as little excuses to leave things unread.

(images from

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