Hours til Midnight

So there’s pretty much only comic book fare left on network TV this summer . . . that and game shows, I suppose.  And while Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is ending in run in spectacular fashion, DC’s Stargirl is just getting started.  Well, it’s almost to the half-way point of its season.  But it’s also done some real work at setting long-term stories up while giving viewers good, in-the-moment action.  It’s easily one of the best shows to recommend to new viewers.  Over the last month, we’ve met Courtney and her family, gotten a good sense of the dark story haunting the edges of Blue Valley, Nebraska, and been introduced to a relatively deep bench of characters.  Last week we got a new version of Wildcat.  This week, it looks like we’re finally seeing Beth Chapel done the cape of Doctor Midnight.  And then someone I don’t recognize taking on the role of Hourman.  Here’s the super-short teaser for the episode:

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