Rebuilding the Society

A few Tuesday evening thoughts:

First: Stargirl continues to be an enjoyable watch each week.  We’re now five weeks in and have a good sense of the Justice Society that Courtney Whitmore is building.  We’ve only gotten glimpses of the bad guys so far . . . mostly build-up from the Injustice Society with hints of possible teenage proteges.  It’s been an interesting build, partly because each week I find myself thinking “I can’t believe they did that!”  The show does a great job balancing heartfelt angst/loss with some of the joys of discovery.  Here’s the way-too-short preview for next week’s episode.

Second: Getting any kind of rhythm down for summer vacation remains difficult.  Part of that is the nature of “vacation,” I suppose.  And part of it comes from the “hybrid” approach I’m taking to “work” and whatever “play” there is.  Today was a work day: I spent more time cleaning up my classroom in hopes of making it ready for social distancing in August.  Beyond that, it’s reading and walking and trying to build back in some pre-lockdown routines.  Today brought word that Regal Cinemas is looking at a July 10 reopening date.  And the gym might open up by the end of this month.  But that’s all a ways away, so who knows.

Third: I got quite a bit of reading done last week.  Finished a few books that I had been working through for some time, which is good.  I’m well into Cry, the Beloved Country for my audit class.  It’s a really good read.  It reads much more quickly than Gilead.  It’s also a different kind sad than Gilead.  I’ve got a couple of other books in the backpack.  I’m also reading through a commentary on Philippians that’s been an enjoyable challenge.

I feel like the next six weeks are going to fly by.  I’ve settled into thinking that June is for cleaning and July is for planning.  And while that might not be a hard-and-fast rule for me, it’s something.  And during the days of summer, that kind of thing can help me build some good days with some good work.

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