Serial Cliffhangers

This week has been one for television cliffhangers, at least with the two shows I’m watching “live” each week.  This week’s episode of Stargirl finally brought Courtney into a confrontation with Shiv, her ultimate teenage nemesis.  Needless it say, it did not go well for the hero.  Here’s the big fight scene and finale (along with the emergence of a character I didn’t see coming at all- a nice surprise).

And here’s the trailer for next week’s episode.

Meanwhile, over in the land of Marvel, the Agents of SHIELD fought their way out of the 1970s, but with much drama and at great cost (and with an interesting connection to season two of the show, which I’m currently watching).  Here’s this week’s best Coulson moment.  The clip cuts before things get all explody.

And here’s the trailer for next weeks 1980s trailer, which features two cast members stuck in a moment without the rest of the team.

It’s great seeing a show going out strong after so many seasons.  And it’s interesting for both shows that you’re never quite sure how things are going to end.

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