The Highs and Lows of Summer

On some level, it seems like summer is over almost as soon as you get used to it.  And yet, while it lasts, it is good.  Not perfect, mind you, as Frazz reminds us this week.  Sure, you’ve got great things like fresh lemonade, but then you’ve also got other things that can really just bug you.  Here’s the good:

Frazz Summer GoodAnd here’s the bad:

Frazz Summer Bad

I’ve got just over two weeks left before reporting back to school officially.  Time has flown by even has it has crawled by an hour at a time.  I find writing here really shouldn’t wait until the end of the day (which is why there are so many comics), but it’s difficulty getting my thoughts together.  But maybe I can get something a little more consistent together before vacation wraps up.

(images from

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