Sunday’s Best: Nancy’s Changing Mind

Ever since it’s “reboot” a few years ago, Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy has done an admirable job wrestling with the current moment.  And while it seems like technology has been a big part of Nancy’s narrative, there have been a number of other strands that have been equally potent.  Today’s strip does a great job connecting with our current struggle of how we think about things in general.

Nancy's Changed MindThe question of resistance is an interesting place to land.  A big part of the struggle, for whatever side you might be on, is acknowledging that everyone has presuppositions.  And beyond that, to bring Alan Jacobs’ How to Think into this, everyone has settled convictions, too.  How do we navigate conversations when those things are called into question?  How do we not condescend or patronize?  How do we choose our framework well?

+ + + + + + + +

After a summer of comic strips and television clips, I’m hoping to get back to some more meatier content this week.  Today’s Nancy strip is a nice springboard into tomorrow’s post, which will also be about arguing.  We’ll see where we go from there.  (But if there’s a great clip from this week’s Stargirl or SHIELD episodes, you’ll definitely see a clip or two).

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