Frazz with a Flourish

Tonight’s Agents of SHIELD had at least two brilliant moments, and I’ll get to them sometime later this week.  The day has been packed with school stuffy, audited-class stuff, and Wednesday errands.  And in the middle of it all, we now have the strong possibility of a hurricane/tropical storm hitting the state over the weekend.  The best-laid plans, I suppose . . .

+ + + + + + +

Here’s the third and final “best of” this week’s Sunday strips from the comics.  It’s a Frazz piece by Jef Mallett.  As is often the case with Mallett’s Sunday strips, this one does a great job with language and visualization.  Check it out:

Frazz FlourishingIt’s impressive that Frazz is using that particular kind of trimmer on what looks to be quite the large area.  I’ve had the chance to use one of those on the tiny yard here: lots of fun unless twigs get in the way.  The strip is also a nice picture of flourishing, I think.

+ + + + + + +

I’ve got one more chapter of John Buchan’s Witch Wood to read before hitting the sack.  Then it’s the final super-early morning class for my summer audit class.  I’ve got some morning errands to run before heading to school for the first official department chairs meeting of the year.  We start our first cross-campus gathering on Monday, which is now up-in-the-air because of Hurricane Douglas.  I’ve still got some early-pandemic foodstuff that can be used in case things get crazy weather-wise.

(image from

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