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The Lesson of Enoch’s Ending

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the rough draft of my chapel talk for next week (which I hope to record tomorrow).  We’ve spent the last two weeks talking about friendship with God.  I’ve done a little more personal-anecdote … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Which Seat is Yours?

This Sunday’s full-size Frazz by Jef Mallett is another example of how well the artist is using the full opportunity of a Sunday strip.  Visually beautiful with a nice, philosophical twist. Mallett is on to something, of course.  I suppose … Continue reading

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Going Retro

It’s been a good week, so full that it will definitely spill over into next week, especially work-wise.  But today has been a good day without thinking about work much.  I’ve been able to spend time outside with friends, which … Continue reading

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Playing with Cards/Playing with Words

For most of the past week, Snoopy has been on a run with writing.  He’s always working on the next big novel.  This classic  strip was re-released this past Sunday.  An interesting play on words while also playing with cards. … Continue reading

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Like Beggars and Choosers

This recent WuMo from rings true on at least a couple of different levels.

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How Learning Flourishes

I’m just going to leave this video right here while I go kick myself for not watching it sooner.  It’s definitely something I’ll be sharing at school in the next couple of weeks.  Whenever I get bits like this from … Continue reading

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Sally and the Surveillance State

Ah, Sally, bringing together the realities of going back to school and the threat of the surveillance state (even in the 1970s). Things continue to change here in Honolulu.  If you had told me this morning that a stay-at-home order … Continue reading

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“Never See the End”

There is this strong sense that Our Current Moment feels somehow unending.  It can be easy to feel that way about a lot of things, good and bad.  But these last few days I’ve been encouraged and comforted by Mission … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Watching the Weather

Lots of good four-color strips this Sunday.  One of the best, though, is this Frazz strip by Jef Mallett.  Mallett continues to find ways to make the Sunday strip and delight to behold.  This one’s about the weather, something many … Continue reading

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A Season’s Unfinished Business

Today was the day that DC Comics and their media bosses released lots of information and clips for upcoming television and movie products (with some comics announcements, but no where near as many had hoped).  So we got teases or … Continue reading

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