The Danger of Wordplay

Here’s a classic Peanuts strip that features Snoopy as a wanna-be writer.  Even when his work isn’t that great, Snoopy can get a good gag out of wordplay (at the husband’s expense).

Peanuts Word PlayToday was one of our last big meetings before we start with students.  I also had a meeting with students, which was both encouraging and challenging (as we don’t really know how to proceed with preparing for the year).  We also received our class-sized shipment of Alan Jacobs’ How to Think, making it just in time to prepare for pick-up.  It’s such a good book, particularly for Our Current Moment.  I made a presentation in this morning’s meeting.  I’d been thinking about it for a long time.  I got a few nice comments in response, but it’s a reminder of what I’m looking for and not getting from sharing about the life of faith.  It’s a good but sad reminder rooted in the way I understand the spiritual life and how that might differ from the approach that others might take.  This will hopefully be my year to make peace with that.

Tomorrow is for smaller meetings plus making copies of materials for pick-up.  We’re trying to get as ahead of the game paperwork-wise as possible, which can be tricky.  I’ve also got at least one video to prepare for and a small on-campus event to think through before the week’s end.

(image from

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