The Odds

A recent Frazz strip points out something true about “the odds,” particularly about when they are (or aren’t) in your favor.

Frazz and the OddsToday was the first day back with classes.  I took a risk and kept my morning walk routine.  When I got on campus, I found out that the welcome assembly video wasn’t play-able, so there was some panic and rush there.  Things worked out in time, which was nice.

It’s an interesting feeling, being on campus and teaching when there aren’t students around.  Many teachers are also teaching from home.  You kind of expect that empty feeling during the summer, but not so much on the first day of classes.  Ah well.  It’s good being in the classroom and getting to check in with co-workers without having to navigate too much technology.  It did feel like getting back into the intricacies of technology is not quite like riding a bike– some things you just forget completely.  Another good reason to have co-workers close at hand.  Odds are, they know more than you about such things.

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