Sally and the Surveillance State

Ah, Sally, bringing together the realities of going back to school and the threat of the surveillance state (even in the 1970s).

Peanuts Surveillance Sally

Things continue to change here in Honolulu.  If you had told me this morning that a stay-at-home order was going to be issued by the end of the workday, I would have thought you were making it up.  We all thought it would happen last week.  And now here we are.  It starts on Thursday and will last for two weeks.  There’s still some confusion over what will be allowed when it comes to school.  Obviously most schools are already 100% online, but not all of them.  And then there’s the question about DOE schools and any exemptions on their part.

I’ve tried to make a few changes to my routine.  The big one has been the move of recording chapel from the late-in-the-week to Tuesday afternoon.  I’ve got two weeks down like that, and it seems to be working well.  I’m grateful for the opportunity and glad for the shift.  It gives me a different kind of mental lead-time which is nice.  Beyond that, I’m wrapping up one unit (which means lots of grading) and getting ready to start another one (which means tweaking material from last year).  Not bad, especially if other things don’t pop up out of no where much.

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