Leaning into Online Learning

Time continues to parse itself out in funny ways.  The work days are packed.  And then the afternoons and evenings just feel radically different, a weird balance of wound and unwound.

We just announced that we will start concurrent learning over the next few weeks and for the rest of the semester.  That means we’ll have about half of our students in our classes at any given moment (with the other half live but online).  It’s definitely going to be a learning experience.

This week Jef Mallett’s Frazz has been tackling online learning (actually, Caulfield has been tackling it).  As always, there’s some funny stuff blended with some nice philosophical stuff.  Here is a selection:

Frazz Online Learning 1

Frazz Online Learning 2

Frazz Online Learning 4

Frazz Online Learning 3As always, you can find the adventures of Caulfield, Frazz, and Mrs. Olsen every day at gocomics.com.

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