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Reformation Post

It’s always interesting when a Baptist writer makes his way into a particularly Catholic journal.  First Things, for all its possible faults, does find space to bring in others from beyond their tradition.  This time around it was Bruce Ashford, … Continue reading

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Unintentionally Political?

There’s just almost no way that everything isn’t political.  Right, Caulfield? (Frazz by Jef Mallett from

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“Nothing’s Tougher”

Every year Caulfield puts together some kind of literary costume for Halloween.  He’s got lots of obvious options this year, of course.  And in this strip he acknowledges it.  Frazz has a great comeback. Why dress up when all of … Continue reading

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Systems and Sunk Costs

There was a time that I regularly visited Seth Godin’s blog for some wisdom about the way the world works.  A few years ago I just kind of stopped, though I drop in once in a blue moon.  There have … Continue reading

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No Getting Out

The days are just packed this week.  The school days, that is.  While things are slowing down for me some temporarily with chapel, things are picking up in other areas.  Tomorrow I’m leading a faculty workshop with our elementary faculty.  … Continue reading

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End-of-Month Double-Whammy

In all of the hubbub about the return of The Mandalorian to Disney+ this weekend, I almost missed the planned release of Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime.  The big draw, of course, is that it’s a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost series.  … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: To the Bone

Bill Amend goes from some seasonal/political humor in today’s FoxTrot.  Is that Jason wearing vampire teeth?! (image from

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“Rooftop to the Basement”

Twenty years on and I still feel there’s something deeply precious about this song.  Precious maybe isn’t the right word.  It captures something real and particular and fragile.  It’s a good marker and reminder for me.

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Song for the Week’s End

This video is a wonderful blend of some of my favorite musicians and a great song from the Psalms.

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“Then You’re in Trouble”

These days can wear you down in different ways, chipping away in places you don’t think much about until you notice a change in things.  Today was nice because I had a good, old-fashioned lesson with a socially-distanced room of … Continue reading

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