“Maps and Dreaming”

So this morning we settled in to what would hopefully have been a normal Monday morning the start of a normal school week.  Things were going mostly well (ill-timed lesson plan aside) until after lunch, when, for no obvious reason, the power went out and the fire alarm went off.  So the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to end the day meaningfully without power and (still) without a reason for the abnormality.  Everyone acquitted themselves well.  It’s just another thing you never see coming.

+ + + + + + +

Today’s Frazz was great.  It’s wonderful when the dialogue between characters just pops.  That happens here, I think, with Caulfield and Frazz.

Frazz Before the PlagyeThat last panel is great.

I also get the sentiment, though on a bit more international scale.  I think I’ve already mentioned how my Twitter feed is now mostly pictures from people hiking the hills and mountains of the Lake District of England and the Highlands of Scotland.  The love has always been there, of course.  The longing is just a good bit stronger since it isn’t even a possibility.  Now that tourism is opening up again with ways to avoid quarantine, I’ve started thinking through going to Tennessee for Christmas.  So many variables!  I had hoped to give Victoria, British Columbia a shot for Thanksgiving (as has become my tradition), but that looks unlikely at all.  Maybe spring break?

Anyway.  I get Caulfield’s disposition.  Sometimes I look at maps, too, tracing the locations of things in relation to inns and cities that I’ve visited in England and Scotland.  So many beautiful places!  And while I know that I live in such a place, there is a charm there that is different.

(image from gocomics.com)

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