“Then You’re in Trouble”

These days can wear you down in different ways, chipping away in places you don’t think much about until you notice a change in things.  Today was nice because I had a good, old-fashioned lesson with a socially-distanced room of students.  It was nice, having some of the natural back-and-forth of the classroom (mediated through masks, of course).  It was a nice balance to the meetings and conversations that service as brief and debrief for things.  I’m hopeful that tomorrow will have some good classroom moments, too.

Today I put the finishing touches on my last chapel message for a few weeks.  I’ve spent this year talking about cultivating friendship.  It’s been good for me, if only because it gives me opportunity to solidify some thoughts and ideas while trying to communicate them to others.  It was nice revisiting Lewis and O’Donovan and Fowl on the topic of friendship, too.

+ + + + + + +

Yesterday I posted a couple of classic Peanuts strips that I thought were a little deeper than the average three-panel comic.  Here’s another Peanuts strip and a classic Calvin and Hobbes.  Both are great with wordplay, ideas, and timing.  First, the Calvin and Hobbes:

Calvin FutileAnd then Lucy with another great response to Charlie Brown’s questioning.

Peanuts Trouble(images from gocomics.com)

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