Sunday’s Best: Masks in the House

I’ve got friends on all sides of the mask debate (as evidenced by both sides assuming there should be no debate).  Over the last few months, masks have becomes signs and symbols and not just a matter of safety.  So it’s interesting to see Peter bring the mask into the house.  As always, it’s about food.  Here’s today’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend.

FoxTrot MasksOn a related/unrelated note, it has been interesting to watch mask-wearing evolve in practical ways.  At one point, I was preparing to wear mask, shield, and microphone as I taught.  It has yet to get that far.  Beyond that, I was a a big fan of cloth masks early on, but now I use disposable masks more frequently.  They are much easier to teach in/be heard in.  The question, of course, is just how safe they are. 

(image from

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