Subtle/Not Subtle

In a normal years, I’d be packing by rucksack and getting ready to head to the airport for a long-weekend trip to Victoria, British Columbia.  Ah well.  These aren’t those days.  So I’m trying to get a plan together for the next few days.  Long weekends just aren’t very good for me.  Canada, like travel in general, has helped me find a way to be present that is difficult during the holidays.  It’s not even about Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s the long stretch of the weekend.

Hopefully there will be some sleep, of course.  Sleep, though, isn’t synonymous with rest.  Nor is rest just reading or recuperating.  It has something to do with the presence of others in the kingdom of God.  But that can be pretty fleeting.  I’m definitely going to stay away from work as much as I can (which required a little bit of working ahead).  It’s almost like planning for two back-to-back weekends.

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Today’s WuMo was a nice nod at working hard.  Definitely something to think about.

WuMo Subtle(image from

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