Fresh Start or More of the Same?

One more “New Year’s Frazz” comic before things turn towards the beginning of the new semester.  Here’s the January 1st Frazz, which captures one of the many sensations that a new year brings.

Frazz Fresh Start

This morning  I spent a little bit more time working out my “goals” for 2021.  And yet I find myself dragging my feet more than I anticipated.  Probably some inertia, the reality that momentum is difficult to gain without others going through something similar with you.  And it just feels so “left field” from the way others around me are living right now, like we’re all using religious language but that we’re using it differently. 

I did finish Augustine’s first “homily from John” this afternoon.  So interesting to read a sermon from over a century ago!  There’s part of me that is reading this for content, but there’s also part of me that’s reading it or style and structure.  There are so many little twists and turns that Augustine takes that you think is leading you away from the point of the text and the <wham!> there you are.  It’s great.  I think my goal is to read two or three a week at this point and see how it goes. 

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