A Mystery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Talking to the neighbors, doing laundry, and working on a chapel talk make it easy to stay up for the 10:00 Hawaii “premiere” of WandaVision on Disney+.  What makes it different is what makes it interesting (and I’ve only just watched the first episode).  It’s our first taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Spider-Man: Far From Home, which feels like a lifetime ago.  It picks up with two characters, one who is supposedly no longer functional.  And it’s a joy to watch.  Olsen and Bettany shimmer on the screen, even though it’s in black and white.  Granted, it plays to my worst fear for these kinds of stories: that it’s all imaginary and doesn’t really go anyway.  But there’s a nice (?) sense of foreboding that I hope moves us beyond the television tropes to something more.  Even still, it’s great seeing a cast “ham it up” in a way that leaves you enjoying what you’re watching.

Here’s the second “trailer” for the season.  It definitely gives away more of what’s to come.

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