Closer to Up, Up, and Away

These are interesting times to be a television watcher, in part because there’s not much television to watch.  I’ve been able to stream some older shows with my neighbors, which has been great.  Beyond that, the last couple of weeks have been filled with WandaVision and All Creatures Great and Small.  Sunday I also added Miss Scarlet and the Duke, which was much more intriguing than I predicted.  The missing piece for me has been the comic book shows on the CW.  One of the new ones, Superman and Lois, dropped a full trailer today.  It is far and away much better than I had anticipated.

It’s no Smallville, which is great.  It’s got a limited number of episodes, which also makes things a bit more intriguing.  Production values look much more like Stargirl than The Flash, which is also encouraging.  We just have another month to wait.

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