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Sunday’s Best: Adrift but Rationing

Once again, Jef Mallett does a great job weaving strands together (all while keeping Caulfield a kid, which is always tricky). (image from

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At the Movies

These have been interesting days to be a movie-goer.  After a few weeks away, I made it back last week to see A Writer’s Odyssey, an epic Chinese fantasy story about worlds overlapping in dangerous ways.  This morning, I caught … Continue reading

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Subliminally Speaking

Here’s one last comic strip from this last Sunday.  It’s a nice time-lapse gag from Nancy, one that definitely leaves you with a sense of suspicion about the title character, especially in how she uses the beauty of the winter … Continue reading

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Location! Location! Location?

Something about this Sunday’s WuMo comic also struck me as funnier than usual.  As a one-panel strip, it has to load everything into one scene.  This strip does that quite well.  Or maybe it’s just because the juxtaposition of things, … Continue reading

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Studying Styles

So the who idea of “learning styles” has mostly been debunked (at least if you talk to certain people).  But this week’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend floats the idea of “studying styles,” which is a lot  more possible because I … Continue reading

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Stories Left to Tell

Tonight brought the premiere of Superman & Lois, the latest attempt at bringing the story of Superman to the small screen.  The character has been floating around on the CW for a few years now as a special guest.  Last … Continue reading

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“Save a Copy”

I mentioned yesterday that it was a great day in the Sunday funny pages.  Here’s yesterday’s Frazz by Jef Mallett.  It’s a bit wordy and does a lot of verbal work, but it gets at something that is an interesting … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Losing Lucy

Today was a nigh-perfect day in the funny pages.  I’ll probably post most of my favorites throughout the week.  But it was this classic Peanuts that made me laugh the most.  The Schroeder-Lucy dynamic is always interesting, mostly because it’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Smorgasbord

Believe it or not, I never really set out to have a week full of random video clips.  Sometimes, like this week, it just happens.  Thankfully, The Algorithm was helpful with that this week, which isn’t always the case.  It’s … Continue reading

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“The Four Yorkshiremen”

I had not heard of “the Four Yorkshiremen” until this morning, when the phrase turned up in a tweet.  So I did the thing you do: I looked for it on YouTube.  And this is what I found: Definitely a … Continue reading

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