Out the Door with 44

For what it’s worth, tonight is my last one as a forty-four year old.  A sobering moment at the gym today, now that I’ll have to put that button for age one time more than I have this last year.  Ah well.  Them’s the breaks.

The days have been packed, of course.  It’s Spirit Week on campus, so we’re averaging one assembly a day this week (one per grade level).  Beyond that, there’s chapel prep, along with scheduling and planning for meetings that are geared towards planning next year.  Oh, and there’s also class.  Today was a down-day, which was nice.  Did some classroom cleaning, had one meeting with students, took care of some emails, and prepped for tomorrow’s two assemblies.  Tonight has been for sketching out the chapel talk that we’ll record tomorrow.

It’s my second birthday in Covidtide.  This one will allow us to go back out into the world for a good barbecue dinner, I hope.  It will be a full day, for sure.  Friday, too.  And I’m hoping to use the occasion as a chance to start some shifting and moving things around with greater intention.

+ + + + + + +

This past December, I took a little retreat at a local (barely open) hotel to do some reflecting and some preparing for 2021.  It was a good time.  But it’s been almost four months and I still haven’t really been able to settle into the flow that I had hoped.  Things just keep popping up.  And then they aren’t popping up, I’m kind of tired.  So with 45 I need to carve out some space and work on some kind of balance.  (And yes, I well remember a speaker back in my college days who suggested that balance is a gift of the Holy Spirit, something I still believe on some level).  These last few years have been years of imbalance, of taking more at work without letting anything go.  And church, while there, has been more about “doing the work” than about anything that looks like relationship building and community.  Beyond that, there are bigger changes in store at work that I need to be ready for.  The managing of time at work has gone about as well as it could, but the rest of the time is just unproductive (actually a good thing, I fear).  In fact, it’s probably the productivity that is the key.  It’s been more of a hot house than a garden for me, and I’m hopeful that maybe 45 will help me smooth things out.

+ + + + + + +

A couple of Sunday’s ago, the classic Peanuts strip was pretty profound.  I saved it for a “later-in-the-week” spot that didn’t materialize because I haven’t been posting much here lately.  It’s a great example of the simplistic depth that Schulz could accomplish with his characters.

Peanuts Marcie Playing(image from gocomics.com)

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