Some Shade and Some Jade?

After a long time without much new television, it seems like we’ve got serial superhero madness all over the place (especially at the CW).  One of last summer’s few/great joys was the first season of Stargirl.  Because it was produced for the DCUniverse app first and the CW second, the show’s season had a shorter order with better effects and a tighter story.  (In those ways, it’s a lot more like this season of Superman and Lois than, say, The Flash).  The second season of the show drops this August.  The just-dropped trailer for the season brings in a couple of threads from season one while also giving some quality hints about the future, particularly as it concerns the villainy of the Shade and the introduction of Jade.  That’s the assumption, at least, as Jade has more ties to the Justice Society than any other green-powered Green Lantern legacy.

I’m hopeful that the second season will be as well-paced as the first.  Like so many other coming-of-age stories, it’s the depth revealed slowly through the narrative’s history that gives even great context and weight to things.  That was true for season one; surely it will be true for season two.

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