Sunday’s Best: Preparing for Monday

Today’s Nancy by Olivia Jaimes is a fun picture of how the weekend (even a long one) can get ruined by the threat of Monday.

Nancy SundayThis weekend was an attempt at recalibration for me.  Friday was a state holiday, so I had a little more space than usual to take care of some school stuff in hopes of getting a couple of days without much school stuff.  These first four weeks (with three weeks of classes) has been packed and has mostly upended my summer routine.  Which is something that I expected, but not to the extent that it’s happened.

So Friday was a chance to regain a bit of summer in the morning (with lunch from Timmy T’s) and then spend a couple of hours in the classroom in the afternoon.  A temporary solution to the packed nature of things, but at least it allowed me a little wiggle room at the start of the week ahead.

(image from

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