Sunday’s Best: How We Move

Today was a great day in the Sunday funnies.  Lots of nice twists and turns in storytelling.  And lots of little commentaries on how we live and move through the world, which is something I think a decent amount about.  Today’s WuMo is a fun one-panel that resonates with everyone traveling, whether for a day-trip or a longer one.

WuMo Power

Funny to remember when there was a time that something like this would never be an issue.  There were other issues, of course, but not so much about the powering of multiple devices over a longer trip.  And there were always batteries (or the promise of batteries as the next gas station).  One of the last things we probably do at night is to make sure that one device is charging.  And it’s likely the first thing we check when we wake up.

(image from

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