Short Stack for Winter Break

Today was my last day in the classroom until 2022. It was all a bit of a rush, getting things as ready as possible in case Covid takes things in a different direction when the new semester starts. So finishing paperwork and making hard copies and PDFs. A member of my department left at the end of the semester, so we’re in the (hopefully very quick but effective) process of hiring a replacement. But that makes preparation all the more important. We’re starting with ethics, which is giving me a chance to revisit some Oliver O’Donovan and some N. T. Wright, which is fun for me. I worked in some Charles Taylor last semester with my juniors. Change comes in bits and pieces for me these days. Until it doesn’t.

So I’ve got a quality short stack of books for a good time away (like the George MacDonald book mentioned on the side column that I’ve been putting off for months). Also: good time with family and friends.

Here’s a classic Calvin and Hobbes to mark the end of the semester. Definitely some tripping. We’ll see how well I’ve stuck the landing as we get closer to the start of the new semester.

(image from

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