Eggs, a Basket, and Rest

A significant portion of Christmas break is drawing to a close.  Over the next few days, I’ll start prepping in earnest for the next semester.  Not too much, of course, as I got a good chunk of things taken care of before leaving.

There’ve been a couple of funny comics over the last couple of days.  This recent WuMo is probably the best comeback I’ve seen or heard to the “eggs in one basket” rebuttal.

WuMo BasketsDefinitely worth remembering when tempted to say that to someone else.

And then this recent Nancy has Sluggo being almost Augustinian.  And I do mean almost. Not quite.  But the last panel gets close.

Nancy AugustinianBecause our hearts are restless until they find the One who gives true rest.

After time with friends and family today, I finished A Theology of the Christian Life by Christopher R. J. Holmes.  One of the best books I’ve read this year.  One that I marked up quite a but, which is exciting to me.  I’m not quite done with Matthew Mullins’s Enjoying the Bible  I hope to finish it before landing back in Honolulu.  Oddly enough (or is it?), I didn’t even touch the MacDonald book I’ve been (not) reading for the last few months.  That should definitely get back on the top of the list.

(image from

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