Enchantment of the Clouds

A couple of recent classic Calvin and Hobbes strips capture the interesting tension between an enchanted and a disenchanted world.  The first strip is brilliant on its own:

Calvin's Cloud #1The simplicity of each panel: all of the open space with a clear sense of levels is really nice.  And it’s always funny seeing a kid using the word inscrutable, a word most adults would never use.  But he sees the image in the clouds as an omen, which points to a more enchanted view of things.  Until the next strip:

Calvin's Cloud #2Calvin, of course, sees himself.  And he calls it a sign.  But then he moves from an enchanted approach (an omen) to something much less enchanted: a sign of high altitude winds.  For good or bad, I think most of us are more like Hobbes than Calvin in this instance.

(images from gocomics.com)

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