Sunday’s Best: Chasing Contrails

Here’s today’s Frazz strip by Jef Mallett, chosen mostly for the immediacy of the subject matter.

Frazz Air TravelI’m posting this from the airport in Victoria, British Columbia, where the wait time for security check is always about five minutes.  I’m hopefully that the flight back to Honolulu will be a little tighter than the trip over, when I had a one-hour delay in Honolulu followed by a two-hour delay in Victoria (it was a foggy morning).

It’s my first time leaving the country since Covidtide.  And while it’s not that far away, it’s still something.  I was pleased to find most of my favorite spots still standing (though one big loss was the shuttle from the airport to downtown, which I discovered a couple of days before flying out).  I spent a lot of time walking, which was great.  It was a good way to relax.  It was sunny more than usual, which was nice.  It was also cold, which was to be expected but always its own surprise.  I did get to see the annual “Santa Parade” as a made my way from the lamb kebab shop to the hotel.  The crowd was good and festive.  It’s always a nice way to cap off the time away.

If all goes well, I’ll catch my flight from Vancouver to Honolulu after checking through customs.  Then it’s a good night’s sleep before returning to work in the morning.  Anything is possible with air travel, though.  Still, I’m hopeful.

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