Sunday’s Best: White Space for the New Year

Snow plays a nice role in many of today’s Sunday strips.  From simple gag to creative use of space, the white stuff is a nice way to represent some of the hopes of a new year.  First, the simple gag from FoxTrot:

FoxTrot White SpaceThen there’s the use of white space in Frazz that tries to recapture some of the “hush” of a quiet, snowy morning while also working in some New Year humor:

Frazz White SpaceAnd then, finally, there’s today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes with some nice white space coupled with an opinionated Calvin talking New Year changes:

Calvin White SpaceIt’s always interesting to see what Watterson does with snow and borders (or the lack thereof).

+ + + + + + +

Speaking of white space, still a couple of more days before officially heading back to work. Unofficially, I’ll be heading back in tomorrow and Tuesday for a few hours each day.  Beyond that, it’s appointments and trying to settle in for a quarter with new students and the topic of ethics.

(images from

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