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The Coming Crisis

Many years ago, the DC Comics universe consisted of a multitude of universes, all separated by vibrational frequency, that housed multiple versions of beloved characters.  Then, in an attempt to streamline things, DC Comics experienced its Crisis on Infinite Earths, … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Dark Knight to Rise . . .

IN A LITTLE WHILE  I’ll be heading down to the local cinema to experience the end of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series.  I’m pretty pumped because they are showing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight beforehand as part of a … Continue reading

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Superman Audience versus Batman Audience

SUPER-HEROES HAVE BEEN IN THE NEWS A LOT recently, and it turns out that marketing expert Seth Godin even went so far as to make the Superman/Batman dichotomy relevant to the world of sales. Imagine, if you will, two kinds … Continue reading

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The Financial (Super)-Powers of Spider-Man and Batman

THE FOLKS AT H&R BLOCK have gotten into the super-hero business recently.  In order to prove a point, they commissioned a comic book artist (Ron Randall) to compare the financial situations of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker.  Wayne, aka Batman, … Continue reading

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