Work in the Right Direction

A number of interesting things have been happening with the daily strips over at  And while most of them are classic “reruns,” the new Frazz strips by Jef Mallett have been interesting while also reflecting on the past.

Frazz Journal 1You get the sense that Mallett started crafting this after things started happening with Our Current Moment.  “Reruns” is an interesting concept for our times, particularly since we have moved away from the summer schedules that kept reruns as a regular part of television (but that we now revisit regularly thanks to streaming services . . . I’m knee-deep in Community season one . . . again).  But yes, keep a journal.

Frazz Journal #2I like the wordplay of the third panel above and the twist in the fourth.  Both of them ring true.

Frazz Journal 3It will be interesting to see where things end up on Saturday.  It’s always interesting to see what sticks in the long run.

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