Sunday’s Best: Revenge of the Easter Chicken

Bill Amend’s FoxTrot takes the title for this week’s best with a slightly absurd but still chuckle-worthy stunt pulled by Jason Fox for Easter.

FoxTrot Easter Chicken(image from

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Sunday’s Best: A Place for Poetry

It’s good to see poetry having a place in the comics, even if it is as a kind of weapon in childhood games.  Today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson:

Calvin and Poetry(image from

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Sunday’s Best: Saving Daylight, Losing Supper

A little (sadistic?) daylight saving’s humor from Charlie Brown and Snoopy today.

Peanuts Daylight Savings(image from

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Caulfield in March

Caulfield has a lot to say about March this week, and there’s some real truth to all of it.  From Frazz this week:

Frazz March 1And then:

Frazz March 2(images from

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Sunday’s Best: Worse Than a Comma Splice

I feel like the 90s version of this was the comma splice or a split infinitive.  I also feel like we weren’t as consistently tired as students seem to be these days.  It’s funny: in education these days, failure is almost not an option at all.  They’d at least get credit for those first few words.

Nancy Report(image from

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Saturday at the Cinema

Life is slowly but surely returning to the movie theaters.  Last week it was Tom & Jerry (not for me) that brought back some families.  This week there was a new Disney animated feature, Raya and the Last Dragon, and a new sci-fi adventure starring Peter Parker and Rey Skywalker.  That’s where I landed this morning.

Chaos Walking has one interesting thing going for it: the action takes place on a planet where men’s thoughts are mysteriously vocalized and sort of animated.  The quirk is never really explained.  It makes for an interesting visual while also allowing for some real humor.  If there’s one other thing the movie has going for it, it’s Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland at their young-adult prime.  They bring a lot of goodwill with them, I think, which is good, because you never know how long young actors will stick around.  So this really is a right time, right place movie for both of them.  It’s a quest movie, of sorts.  It’s got some social commentary (which gets revealed in an interestingly sad way).  And it’s got some great action scenes with some good twists.  And spoiler: it’s probably the closest Holland will ever get to a real “Uncle Ben” scene.

I wonder about movies like this in these cinematic days.  Were movie-makers expecting this to be a big hit (or potentially a big flop) in pre-Covid days?  One of the nice realities of the movie theater right now is that nothing feels like much of a hit . . . which can be a good thing as much as it can be a bad thing.  And while, like last week’s Crisis, this is a movie with an unfortunate name, Chaos Walking does a good job entertaining without being too bold, too brash, or too boring.  Here’s the trailer if you’re interested.

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Smallville, One Way or Another

I have to admit that there was a moment early on in Superman & Lois episode 2 that I hoped they would cut to a scene of a meteor crashing through the Smallville sign with Remy Zero’s “Save Me” playing in the background.  It would have been perfect.  But, alas, we are in an era of shows without theme songs.

I also have to admit that I stopped watching the episode a few minutes in because I couldn’t handle the angst (especially after a frustrating season premiere of The Flash).  But I finally got back around to the episode and found myself drawn in again.  Sure: the Luther plotline is one of the weak links.  That’s awkward because the Luther element helped make Smallville the great show that it was in the beginning.  And while I’m not overly fond of the “do I have powers or not” plot for Jordan, I find the scenes with him and Jonathan to be well done and oddly believable  And while I’ll probably get tired of scenes where Clark falls through the atmosphere, I’ll probably always be impressed when Lois takes control of the room.

The show is doing a great job being a stand-alone, which hopefully it will remain.  I feel the same way about the second (summer) season of Stargirl.  I’ve heard rumors of other Arrowverse heroes appearing, but it’s in a good, thoughtful context.  It will be easy to forget, of course, that this Superman and Lois have been around for a while and have even met the Clark of Smallville.  Here’s that scene-of-meeting from the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover from a while back.

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I’m glad to say that Wednesday was a back-to-normal day.  Had a good night’s sleep Tuesday night.  Woke up right on time Wednesday morning for a full, non-stop day at work.  I even survived missing lunch completely (that reheated pulled pork sandwich definitely made for a good dinner, just not as good as Tuesday evening’s chicken salad sandwich).  Definitely grateful to be through with that awkward post-second-vaccination phase of things.

+ + + + + + +

I found this WuMo from earlier in the week quite funny.  As with some of the best strips, it works on multiple levels.  We may not be pirates, but we can definitely misjudge the distances of things. WuMo Myopic (image from
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And then WHAM!

A few words on the continuing story of the week.

I received my second Moderna dose Monday at 9:50 AM.  I was fine for the rest of the day, all the way to going to bed.  I had a hard time getting to sleep, ended up waking up throughout the night.  I woke up fatigued and listless.  Thankfully, we were online for class today.  I had one student notice I wasn’t quite up to the norm.  After lunch I finally relented and took a couple of Tylenol, which was great.  After a quick meeting at the end of the workday, I made my way home for a two-hour nap and a late dinner.  As I write this, I am suffering my way through the season premiere of The Flash (with a storyline that may never end, ugh).  I’m hopeful for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is a full day on campus, so it would be great to be close to 100% tomorrow.

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Suiting Up as February Turns into March

Well, the deed is done.  The shot has been got.  I made my way down to the pier this morning after a few hours of work to get the second dose of the Moderna vaccine.  It was a very easy in-and-out.  Grabbed some Subway for lunch and headed back to work.  Spent a good amount of time trying to get ready for the next two days in case things get dicey.  It’s funny: you want things to get dicey because that means your immune system is working well, but then you don’t want things to get dicey because you’ve got stuff to do, people to see, and you want to be able to make it through the day without any complications.

And supposedly you won’t really know until you wake up the next morning. (I’m writing this on Monday evening and posting it early Tuesday).

+ + + + + + +

I have to agree some with Caulfield on this one:

Frazz Annual PatternsFebruary is always an interesting one, it’s no longer the new year but it isn’t spring either.  It’s funny to think of an eight year-old thinking in patterns, but I think we all do it, at least on a subconscious level.  Is it a case of arrested development or a case of early maturation?  Who know.

+ + + + + + +

What’s interesting about being in this vaccine phase of Covidtide is that it’s giving us something new to talk about.  Today I had lunch with a co-worker and then another co-worker joined in at the end.  Two of us were going in today; the other had his second dose weeks ago.  So it was a bit like talking about the weather: how did it feel, what advice could be given.  And then it happens as it happens.  And then you talk about it again tomorrow.

+ + + + + + +

Monday’s classic Calvin and Hobbes is one you kind of think would be seen ripped off more often (like Calvin and Hobbes dancing.  Calvin in a space suit that’s isn’t Spiff.  It really is the helmet.  And his mom’s reaction is both honest and funny.

Calvin Suiting Up(images from

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