Sunday’s Best: A Rhyme Too Soon

I feel like I’ve been there before.  If only summer had started one minute earlier.

FoxTrot Classic - ft170528comb_ts.tifOr, perhaps, teachers’ dirty looks know no season.

(image from

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The Witness of Running Water

It’s the little things, Calvin, that give you away.

running waterWe are all “letter of the law” people when it works for us, of course.

(image from

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The Echo of Voices (where the streets have no name)

While it’s great seeing U2 perform live, it’s really the audience-as-choir that gets to me.  Got to me when I saw the in concert over a decade ago.  Gets to me in this recording of “Where the Streets Have No Name” from a recent concert in Houston.

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What’s Ahead, What’s Behind, What’s Within

The last class is done.  The grade book is almost closed.  The big thing on the horizon now is Sunday’s baccalaureate service.  A recent Frazz comic strip for the moment for so many during this season:

commencement(image from

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A Song of Lament and Praise

What a last couple of weeks it has been!  The highs and lows of life can be so tightly woven together that they bleed together in weird and subtle ways, where every praise is also a prayer request.  Here’s a just-posted classic from Andrew Peterson.  I like the honesty of the introduction, but I love the way the lyrics and music build in the song itself. “Hosanna,” indeed.

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Finish Line Flashpoint

After a pretty interesting conclusion, this ending came out of no where.

This could easily be a way of returning Barry to the proper, pre-Flashpoint, timeline.  We’ll have to wait all summer to find out.

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Cloning Time

We’re less than a month away from the final season premiere of Orphan Black on BBC America.  Season four was a solid course correction after two seasons of wandering.  I’m hopeful that this season will bring everything together nicely.  Here’s the official trailer.  (And yes: all the mains are played by the same actor.)

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