Sunday’s Best: Goodness of the Gray

Something about today’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend is genuinely funny.  And it likely works on multiple levels.  But it’s also funny.

FoxTrot Gray Glop(image from

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Happy Birthday, Bilbo

It’s that time of year again, when Bilbo Baggins’s birthday comes back around.  It’s always worth revisiting this clip from The Fellowship of the Ring:

In line with this Tolkien moment, we’re halfway through the first season of The Rings of Power, Amazon’s attempt to tell the stories of the second age in a condensed but thoughtful form.  I’m really enjoying the series.  I think any chance to dip your toes into the river Anuin (or Sirion, for that matter) is a good thing, even if some things are a little different.  I’m glad that some of the all-new characters have their own concentrated storylines.  And it helps that the production values are so high.  I found the final moments of episode four to be quite moving, which I wasn’t really expecting.  I’m curious to see how the rest of the season goes (and how it sets up season two).

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One More for Rich

Yesterday I posted a link to a recent piece about the 25th anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins.  The folks over at First Things also posted an article.  The piece, written by Bethel McGrew, also includes links to multiple songs.  I was glad for one in particular:

Such a time capsule!  We just don’t sing like that anymore, which is unfortunate.  I’m glad that such things can be found online somewhere.

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25 Years after Rich

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Rich Mullins.  To mark the occasion, a number of artists got together to record a variety of his songs for the Bellsburg album.  The Kickstarter project also gave backers access to deeper cuts by other artists as well as access to a number of other unreleased, concert songs (that have mostly aged well).  It feels like a good way to mark the time.

Over at Plough, Beth McGrew posted a nice piece about Rich with lots of good links to songs and other materials.  It’s a good piece: fair and honest.  Rich’s was a personality that could easily rub someone the wrong way.  He was brutally honest in his songwriting in a way that few others were (or have been since).  There’s a deep longing in his writing that more polished musicians haven’t really been able to achieve.  (The closest is likely Andrew Peterson, who records the opening song on Bellsburg).  See “Cry the Name” and “Hard to Get.”  But there was also deep joy and beautiful instrumentation: there’s so much good piano music in his concert footage.

I have often wondered what things would be like musically if Rich was still around.  Contemporary Christian music has changed a great deal in the last twenty-five years.  American Christianity has changed a lot, too.  Rich’s legacy is like a time-capsule that you keep getting to open up, a thing to visit frequently, not to feel good about yourself or to mourn a by-gone era, but to be challenged in a way that feels more and more rare these days.

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Sunday’s Best: Quiet Calvin

Kind of a quiet day in the funny pages, so here’s today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.  We get sound effects but no dialogue.  And Calvin gets a grumpy-old-man’s face in the final panel that’s pretty funny.


(image from

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Sunday’s Best: About Those Birds

Today’s WuMo was about the birds: how they definitely aren’t all the same.  Turns out research really is important.

WuMo Birds(image from

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Sunday’s Best: Calvin’s State of Mind

Today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes works well on multiple levels: simple dialogue, intentional layout, and beautiful art.  I quite like the distance that is built into the final panel, too.

Calvin Denial(image from

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Sunday’s Best: Where We Train

This week’s Sunday Frazz would likely rise to the top for the visuals alone: nicely spaced out and beautifully colored.  It’s also a good nod to how we train . . . how we practice and learn.  There’s a connection here, I think, between the place and the pondering.

Frazz Training(image from

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Sunday’s Best: Beyond Explanation

Any classic Peanuts strip with Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty is an almost-guaranteed “Sunday’s Best.”  That’s definitely true this week.  

Peanuts ExplanationChuck really should have “stuck with his guns” with his recommendations instead of any explanation.  It’s all just downhill from there.

(image from

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Sunday’s Best: The Danger of Escalation

Today’s a pretty good day for the funny pages.  WuMo does a nice job of reminding us, even farcically, of the dangers of escalation.

WuMo Escalation(image from

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