Don’t You Forget about SHIELD

I mentioned earlier in the week that the most recent episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD found Mack and Deke trapped in the 1980s.  As with every episode of this season’s time-hopping shenanigans, the show makes good use of the culture of the time . . . maybe a better use than previous episodes.  Two duo quickly split up and stay apart for a good chunk of time.  When Mack finally comes back around and answers a summons from Deke, things really get interesting.

Agent Coulson, seemingly blown to smithereens in the last episode, makes a comeback as a kind of Max Headroom.  And there are some nice nods to a very 80s blend of sci-fi and horror.  It is, perhaps, the least SHIELD-y episode of the season so far, which makes it an interesting contrast.  It will be interesting to see if the humorous aspect of the episode has any long-term repercussions for the show by season’s end.

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Perspective and Timing

A wonderfully-rendered classic Calvin and Hobbes strip, I must say.

Calvin Perspective and Timing(image from

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Remembering Places and Times

I have to say, as nice as it has been to find a cafe or restaurant to sit and read some, it’s been the return of background music.  Over the last few months, I haven’t listened to music much accept in the apartment, so it’s been nice to revisit songs that have been around for a long time and will most likely still get airtime in restaurants and shops for years to come.  It’s almost allows for a subtle twist in the time stream.  Some songs, of course, do it more than others.  And I find the gap between now and the most recent “then” continues to widen.  But I recently came across an over-a-decade old favorite that was recently performed “live” by the original artist.  It’s a great karaoke song, which is another thing that we won’t be doing anytime soon, I suppose.  Like a comment under the video, it’s nice to go back to 2004-2006, when this song was everywhere.  Almost as if Keane was planting a mindworm for fans with “Somewhere Only We Know” as “anywhere this song gets played.”

I remember it also being a lot of fun to play on the piano.

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Building Brainpower

This premiere season of Stargirl has had an interesting pace storytelling-wise.  Most of the main characters have been at play from the beginning, though some in bits and pieces.  Some things haven’t happened yet (Courtney’s mom works for who?!) while other things have moved quickly (she’s knows Stargirl’s identity and calls her out in her own house?!).  But now we’re turning into the final third of the season, which means some wildcards will be thrown into the mix.  Like the character of Brainwave.  Here’s the preview for next week’s episode, which bears his name.

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The Highs and Lows of Summer

On some level, it seems like summer is over almost as soon as you get used to it.  And yet, while it lasts, it is good.  Not perfect, mind you, as Frazz reminds us this week.  Sure, you’ve got great things like fresh lemonade, but then you’ve also got other things that can really just bug you.  Here’s the good:

Frazz Summer GoodAnd here’s the bad:

Frazz Summer Bad

I’ve got just over two weeks left before reporting back to school officially.  Time has flown by even has it has crawled by an hour at a time.  I find writing here really shouldn’t wait until the end of the day (which is why there are so many comics), but it’s difficulty getting my thoughts together.  But maybe I can get something a little more consistent together before vacation wraps up.

(images from

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Sunday’s Best: What’s at Steak

Finally got my good burger this morning.  A day late, for sure, but that’s okay.  Today’s Frazz tied America’s passion for the grill with the American Revolution.  An interesting juxtaposition for the day.

Frazz Steaks(image from

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The Charlie Browniest of July 4ths

I mentioned a few posts ago that the classic Peanuts strip over at had Charlie Brown wearing a bag on his head while at summer camp . . . which worked out to his favor.  Well, a couple of days the bag came off, making the story intersect with the Fourth of July holiday.  No fireworks here.  No burgers and chips.  Just Charlie Brown on a hillside asking the deepest of questions.

Peanuts July 4

Tomorrow’s Sunday strip won’t pick up with the thread, of course.  It’s a “Snoopy fishing” gag.  But hopefully Chuck will get a good conclusion to his summer sometime soon.

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That June/July Dynamic

Something about this July 4th-themed Frazz strip by Jef Mallett just gets something right about how July 4th works a certain kind of magic retroactively.

Frazz June JulyA three-day weekend is rarely my friend, especially during the summer when things are warmer than usual.  The afternoons just tend to linger, no matter how much I’ve planned ahead.  I have gotten some reading done, talked to family for a bit, enjoyed a moment downtown by the water with a golfer’s tea in hand.  But there’s still that “slipped by” feeling that Caulfield mentions, even when it’s July 3rd.

(image from

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A Song That Blesses

This week there’s been one song in particular that has been a blessing to me as I cleaned my classroom and planned for next semester and walked through downtown Honolulu.  This is Mission House’s “Good God.”  It hits the right balance of pretty much everything.

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Serial Cliffhangers

This week has been one for television cliffhangers, at least with the two shows I’m watching “live” each week.  This week’s episode of Stargirl finally brought Courtney into a confrontation with Shiv, her ultimate teenage nemesis.  Needless it say, it did not go well for the hero.  Here’s the big fight scene and finale (along with the emergence of a character I didn’t see coming at all- a nice surprise).

And here’s the trailer for next week’s episode.

Meanwhile, over in the land of Marvel, the Agents of SHIELD fought their way out of the 1970s, but with much drama and at great cost (and with an interesting connection to season two of the show, which I’m currently watching).  Here’s this week’s best Coulson moment.  The clip cuts before things get all explody.

And here’s the trailer for next weeks 1980s trailer, which features two cast members stuck in a moment without the rest of the team.

It’s great seeing a show going out strong after so many seasons.  And it’s interesting for both shows that you’re never quite sure how things are going to end.

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