The World after Exploding, Wind-Up Penguins

And then, finally, San Diego Comic-Con delivers.

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Are You Ready, Player One?

A couple of Decembers ago I found myself in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport without a novel to read.  I left the terminal bookstore with a copy of Cline’s Ready Player One (and this after at least a year of hearing great things about it but feeling it was too “cool” and self-aware).  Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, thought Cline distilled pop culture and built his sad world well.  Here’s the SDCC-released first trailer for the upcoming movie, directed by Steven Spielberg.

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Gifted Conventions: Fenris Edition

Comic conventions are now mostly about the synergy that exists between the four-color funnies and other mediums.  Case in point: this new, convention-approved trailer for Gifted, the latest attempt at an X-Men tv show.

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It’s the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con, so the internet is abuzz with news about the latest comic-related entertainment.  And so we get television trailers like this:

and this:

I particularly like the alliteration of the text in that last one.

The weekend is just getting started, though, so I imagine there are more announcements and posters and videos and trailer yet to come.

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Every Day Committed

a continuous harmonyOne of my favorite Wendell Berry quotes comes from his “Notes from an Absence and a Return,” which can be found in A Continuous Harmony.   The short journal recounts Berry’s thoughts and experiences of returning to his Kentucky farm after a number of months away.  On March 3, 1969, Berry writes:

In ten days we leave here to start back to Kentucky.  For half a year now we’ve lived a life radically unlike the life we’ve chosen and made there at home.  What I get from the experience out here is the awareness that the life we want is not merely the one we have chosen and made; it is the one we must be choosing and making.  To keep it alive we must be perpetually choosing it and making its differences from among all contrary and alternative possibilities.  We must accept the pain and labor of that, or we lose its satisfactions and its joy.  Only by risking it, offering it freely to its possibilities, can we keep it.

Our commitment must be as fresh and new every morning as the mercies of God, it seems.  Resounding truth.

(image from

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Mountain Peaks and Friends on the Trail

Here’s a short-but-cool interview done with Andrew Peterson that name-drops most of my favorite singers, songwriters, and novelists.

Thanks to Anthony Myers for making and posting.

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Sunday’s Best: The Problem with Problems

Here’s this Sunday’s Frazz by Jef Mallett.  “Two kinds of people” arguments are always fun to think through.

Problems.jpg(image from

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