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Pandemic Permanence

Today Rod Dreher spent some time reflecting on this piece from the Baptist Press concerning the long-term effects of Covid for churches.  The church that gets most of the mentions in the piece is a relatively short drive (in TN … Continue reading

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The Week Looking Back

The big news of the week was this: I’ve known for a while that Aaronovitch had written a number of shorter pieces for the continuing saga of Peter Grant and friends.  I’d even tracked a few of them down online.  … Continue reading

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A Song for the Moment

Benjamin Gibbard is one of the many musicians who have taken to a more consistent online presence during Our Current Moment.  Discovering his “at home” show a few weeks ago was one of the highlights of early lockdown, actually (it … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Later . . .

Twenty years ago, this teaser trailer was released: It is difficult to imagine a world where the finished product of Peter Jackson and friends hasn’t been realized.  How odd to have a voice-over by someone not from the movie! How … Continue reading

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Point and Counterpoint

Yesterday I posted links to a couple of articles by Yuval Levin attempting to speak intelligently about Our Current Moment from a place where ethics, economics, politics, and sociology meet.  Since then, another couple of articles have made their way … Continue reading

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On Hold and Keeping Place

Navigating the facts and opinions of Our Current Moment can be a daunting task: you can always choose one news source, I suppose, but that becomes it’s own echo-chamber.  So it’s nice to find sources that can give a critical … Continue reading

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The Long and Short of It

Scrolling through social media can be daunting and depressing in even the best of circumstances.  How much more daunting and depressing it can be in times of concern and crisis.  But it can also be of some comfort, as it … Continue reading

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Entertainment Culture, A Warning

While tracking down a short piece by A. W. Tozer to use for the faculty in a future meeting, I came across his piece titled “The Great God Entertainment.”  The piece, written in the 1950s, feels utterly appropriate for our … Continue reading

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(Digital) Platform Jam

One thing I appreciate about Baylor professor Alan Jacobs is his willingness to process his digital practices publicly.  Jacobs recently posted an update to his ongoing attempt to make sense of various digital platforms and their effects on a life … Continue reading

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Rest and Reset in a Culture of Constant Content

One of the interesting aspects of my two weeks of mainland travel was a lack of internet access for two different chunks of time. While I was at Laity Lodge, I had nothing.  While traveling beyond Tennessee, I had phone … Continue reading

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