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Yesterday I posted a recent WuMo Sunday strip that made nods at the role of a technology popular long before our phones and tablets: the book.  Two other recent WuMo strips bring things closer to the present, particularly in how … Continue reading

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Booking Your Attention

It almost feels like the guys behind WuMo have been following Alan Jacobs’s class on living in a digital age.  This recent Sunday strip hits on a point that shows up in the one particular part of his course: a … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Stranger Things

Of the many exciting trailers to come out of this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, the latest trailer for the second season of Stranger Things sits high on the list.  This trailer, with great nods to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” makes … Continue reading

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The Drive to Easy-Everywhere

A few weeks ago I spent some time reflecting on some of the high points of Andy Crouch’s The Tech-Wise Family.  It is, in my opinion, a book that everyone should read, Christian or not, single or married.  The folks … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Frazz and the Prescient Pronouncement

There’s something so imminently true about today’s Frazz comic that its eery and a bit discomfiting. (image from

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Notes for Navigation

When news of the recent Executive Order concerning refugees and immigration broke, I quickly turned to some of my favorite news sites to get a better understanding of things.  One of my favorite bloggers, Rod Dreher, posted nothing.  Part of … Continue reading

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We Don’t Get to Know Everything

One of the more fun and upbeat tracks of the Avett Brothers’ True Sadness is “Smithsonian.”  It feels a little slower in this live performance last year in Nashville, but it still shows energetic artistry that is always good to … Continue reading

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