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“The Heart of the Matter”

Not sure how I missed this one, but here’s a couple-of-years-old clip of Andrew Peterson, new album almost finished now, singing a classic Don Henley song (with bgvs from some other amazing artists). (hat tip to the artist and Twitter)

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Strong Echoes from a Long Time Ago . . .

Sometimes I think going to a “Skywalker Saga” Star Wars movie for the John Williams soundtrack alone is perfectly fine.  The director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, recently posted a clip of Williams directing one of the … Continue reading

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Poetry, Please

This poem by Wendell Berry showed up in my Twitter feed yesterday. I quite like it, particularly as a distillation of Berry’s thought and practice. (hat tip to Nick Ripatrazone)

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More Reflection on Being a Sitting Duck

Earlier in the week I posted a short piece about what I did this past Saturday, when the “ballistic missile alert” text was sent and then, many minutes later, rescinded.  These last couple of days has allowed me to catch … Continue reading

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Christmas Sing-Along with Shirley

I wish I had spent more time recently revisiting some of the “Christmas” episodes of some of my favorite shows.  I did watch the first Christmas episode of The Office before flying out for the holidays.  Early Michael Scott . … Continue reading

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Yesterday I posted a recent WuMo Sunday strip that made nods at the role of a technology popular long before our phones and tablets: the book.  Two other recent WuMo strips bring things closer to the present, particularly in how … Continue reading

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Booking Your Attention

It almost feels like the guys behind WuMo have been following Alan Jacobs’s class on living in a digital age.  This recent Sunday strip hits on a point that shows up in the one particular part of his course: a … Continue reading

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