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Generational Encouragement of a Necessary Kind

I finally got around to watching Chris Pratt’s “Generation Award” acceptance speech at the recent MTV Video and TV Awards.  It’s one of those nice bits of pop culture that float to the top every now and then that can … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts on First Reformed?

Scratch the surface of the 96% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating for First Reformed and you’ll find frustration and discontent from those hoping for a more faith-filled movie about a small church pastor trying to make sense of the ever-bleaker world … Continue reading

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Friends in Movies

A friend recently recommended the 2013 comedy Are You Here to me based on the following quote about friendship: See, nobody believes in friendship.  People talk about it, you see it on TV, people drop by, go to the doctor … Continue reading

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Surveying Howards End

It was the book’s key phrase, “Only Connect,” that led me to purchase a copy of E. M. Forster’s Howards End a few years ago.  I forget what writing about community included the quote, but it was more than enough to … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being a Star Wars Story

Last night I caught a last-minute early showing of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  I had kind of talked myself out of any early showing.  Buzz around the movie had been mediocre at best.  There had been some drama behind … Continue reading

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The Bluths Meet the Skywalkers?

How have I missed this for three weeks?  It’s a brilliant cut and narration by Ron Howard, who brings together two of the best “family” franchises in a great way. I’ll be back later tonight for a quick review of … Continue reading

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Avengers for the Everyday

Lots has been said about the “larger than life” aspects of Avengers: Infinity War, which is good because it’s true.  The movie does an amazing job with the spectacle of the story and the large size of the cast.  Something … Continue reading

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