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Broadening the (Jurassic) World

If nothing else, the latest (and final) trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has definitely told a lot more story than that first trailer (which seemed to take place solely on the island from the first movie.  The question is: … Continue reading

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Settling Into a Quiet Place

The folks at Vanity Fair recently posted a great clip of John Krasinski “breaking down” of the earliest scenes of his recent movie, A Quiet Place.  The movie really is as good as reviews are saying.  I think I had … Continue reading

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Where All Roads Lead?

There’s this semi-interesting online debate about whether Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is the best superhero show on network television or the worst.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about the conversation.  While the show hasn’t quite fit the niche … Continue reading

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Solo Story Glory

The second full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story had to do one thing: make the movie much bigger and louder and unexpected that what we saw of the Super Bowl trailer a few months ago.  Here’s what we … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day via Middle Earth

In honor of today as “World Poetry Day,” some poetry from Middle Earth commemorating the fall of Gandalf at Khazad Dum in The Fellowship of the Ring.  Frodo, nephew of the great story-teller, writes: When evening in the Shire was … Continue reading

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Rioting and Dancing, Building and Fighting

Last night I had the opportunity to view The Riot and the Dance, a nature documentary directed by one of my favorite writers, N. D. Wilson.  I’d known of the documentary’s existence for a while, but didn’t think it would … Continue reading

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Refreshing Justice

It’s not every day that you get to wake up, open Twitter, and find the news that two of your favorite artists are joining one of the industry’s top writers to reboot the Justice League.  But that happened this morning. … Continue reading

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