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Darryl’s (Mighty) Adventure Continues

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Darryl, the former roommate of the mighty Thor.  Here’s a clip tied to this week’s release of Thor: Ragnarok. Darryl as Topaz?  That would be hilarious.

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Imagination Under Fire?

After the fourth grade-level camp of the year, I made my way to the theater to catch a showing of (the very well-made) Black Panther.  Lots of good trailers beforehand.  One that wasn’t there, though, was the March-dropping Ready Player … Continue reading

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Walker Percy and the 98%

Early in The Moviegoer, Binx Bolling starts talking about “the search” that he finds himself on when he is not too “sunk” into reality.  Soon after that initial talk of the search (which I mentioned here), Bolling continues: What do … Continue reading

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Ten Years and Closing

Listen for the comment made by Hemsworth about ten years and things coming to an end . . . I think we have every reason to believe that Avengers 3 and 4 will be complete game-changers for the Marvel Cinematic … Continue reading

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Anticipating the Fallout

Okay.  Only one . . . maybe two . . . more movie trailers for the week.  As much as I’d like to think that my taste in movies transcends franchises and sequels, there is something wonderfully comfortable about a … Continue reading

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Best in the Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Well, the full trailer is much better than the teaser played during the first commercial break of the Super Bowl.  Even still, the jury will be out for a while on this one. The struggle I foresee this movie having … Continue reading

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Here Comes Ant-Man (and the Wasp)

While everyone is eagerly awaiting Marvel’s Black Panther movie, the studio that has brought us all things Avengers has a third movie set for later in the summer (after the May-dropping Avengers: Infinity War).  A short trailer, one that gives … Continue reading

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