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Thinking Abroad

Over the last few days I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the Lake District in England, mostly because I’ve found accounts on Twitter that regularly post pictures of hikes and walks that they’ve been taking.  It’s compounded, of course, … Continue reading

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Mountains Again

Appropriate for today for many reasons, I think.

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Summer’s Start

Without a new movie from Marvel to mark the occasion, the responsibility falls back to Memorial Day weekend to unofficially “kick off” the summer season.  On some level, it’s a very different Memorial Day for many, as this Frazz strip … Continue reading

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“You’re Catching It”

I’m one of many looking forward to the day that we can walk back into a movie theater and be entranced by big stories told on large screens.  One movie that could kick things off for the season is Christopher … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Later . . .

Twenty years ago, this teaser trailer was released: It is difficult to imagine a world where the finished product of Peter Jackson and friends hasn’t been realized.  How odd to have a voice-over by someone not from the movie! How … Continue reading

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Ever Onward

After a few weeks away from the movie theater, it was nice to sit back with popcorn and cola for Onward by Disney and Pixar.  I didn’t even know the movie was in the works until the first trailer dropped … Continue reading

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Lent Alone

Today is Ash Wednesday for many Christians around the world.  It is a time to remember our mortality and to repent of sin.  It begins the season of Lent, which is a time of preparation for the celebration of Easter.  … Continue reading

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“One Small Step for Lamb”

Today was packed.  Thankfully, it ended with some good conversations, some time out in the evening air, and the news that Netflix had gotten ahold of the 2019 Shaun the Sheep movie: Farmageddon.  Definitely something to look forward to this … Continue reading

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Narrow Theaters

This past Sunday saw another classic Peanuts strip by Charles Schulz that found Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown under the tree thinking.  Those are always a treat. It’s funny: these days you are as likely to find narrow theaters  . … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Yesterday I posted a long lecture by Andrew Root about the shift that has changed in youth (ministry) culture over the last decade.  I’ve read a decent chunk of Root’s most recent output the last few months (3 1/2 full … Continue reading

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