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Cinematic Review

As we enter a short dry spell before the Rise of Skywalker and other Christmas movie fare, it’s good to acknowledge that November was a great month for movies.  For me, at least.  It’s been something of a weak year … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Frazz on Leading

Yesterday I saw Ford v. Ferrari, which tells the story of Ford’s attempt to win the Le Mans back in the sixties.  One of the nicest scenes in a movie with many loud moments involved Ken Miles explaining the contours … Continue reading

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Take You to the Stars

I think one thing that I look for in any new Star Wars movie is its willingness to take us to new places.  I think that desire comes from the juxtaposition in A New Hope of the vastness of space … Continue reading

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Entertainment Culture, A Warning

While tracking down a short piece by A. W. Tozer to use for the faculty in a future meeting, I came across his piece titled “The Great God Entertainment.”  The piece, written in the 1950s, feels utterly appropriate for our … Continue reading

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A Simple Code

This past week I spoke to some students about the importance of having some kind of code (or what others would call a rule).  The context was the realization that a lot of things were being thrown at them (which … Continue reading

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SHIELD’S Sixth Season End

Marvel just announced that the seventh season of Agents of SHIELD will be its last.  The show is such an odd duck.  It never quite got the interconnectedness with the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we were hoping for.  At the … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: What’s That in Your Hand

Always a lesson for Calvin, it seems.  Another classic Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strip by Bill Watterson that is product of its time that points to truth great and small.  And the kid’s facial expressions are amazing, as always. The … Continue reading

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