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Bruce Wayne’s Basement; Batman’s Attic

I finally got around to watching the LEGO Batman Movie (a la RedBox).  It definitely kept some of the manic-but-meaningful edge of The LEGO Movie.  I think it would probably have benefitted from a big-screen viewing (lesson learned).  The introduction … Continue reading

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Our Arthurian Summer

We’re in the middle of an attempted summertime Arthurian renaissance.  I say attempted because it hasn’t been going all that well.  King Arthur and his knights are always swirling around somewhere in the creative, storytelling mix, which makes it interesting … Continue reading

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Entering the Dark (Cinematic) Universe

Today I caught an a.m. showing of The Mummy.  It was either that or Pirates, and I just wasn’t up for 2 1/2 hours of pirate storytelling (perhaps later this week).  Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy Returns was one of my … Continue reading

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A Good Man Being King

Earlier today Marvel Studios dropped the first teaser trailer for Black Panther, which will premiere in early 2018.  Interesting approach, beginning the trailer with two somewhat-secondary Marvel players.  You do get a good voiceover with quality shots of Wakandan culture. … Continue reading

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Whatever a Spider Can

This morning Michael Giacchino posted a clip that should make long-time Spider-Man fans happy.  Hopefully it will play a prominent role in this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.  Turn up the volume and hit ‘play.’

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Once More for the Planet of the Apes

We’re a couple of weeks into the summer movie season.  Guardians Volume 2 was good, with a heavier ending than I had anticipated and that worked well.  Last weekend saw the release of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which … Continue reading

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To the Dark Tower, Come

Today saw the release of the first trailer for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.  Check it out. Some initial thoughts: it looks good.  Is it as gritty as the source material?  Not at all.  There are books in the series … Continue reading

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