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Sunday’s Best: Secret Empire

Because it’s been a while since Star Wars felt funny. (image from

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New King on the Block

I should start by going on record as saying that one of my favorite moments in Aquaman was at the end when someone says “Hail, King Arthur!” While the world of Middle Earth is key for me, the world of Arthur’s England … Continue reading

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Aquaman; Into the Spider-Verse

I’m trying to catch up on some movies that I didn’t get around to seeing because of the crazy end of semester/time traveling over the holidays.  On New Year’s Day, I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which is as good … Continue reading

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Bringing It All Together

I’m giving a “professional development” talk at work tomorrow.  Here’s my content: I really hope things blend together well . . .

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Marvel in the 90s

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the spring 2019 release of Captain Marvel.  And it’s quite the masterful trailer.  Check it out. You get just enough of a sense of who Carol Danvers is to be intrigued (particularly if … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Fellowship of the Deleted Scenes

Anything that does a decent job playing off of The Lord of the Rings automatically gets moved to the head of the class.  Case in point: today’s WuMo by Wulff and Morgenthaler makes a nice joke on an iconic moment … Continue reading

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Measuring the Fallout

It’s been a week of getting back to work, which has been good.  But it also marks that transition from summer to fall (even though summer isn’t over for a while yet).  That’s just how the calendars we live by … Continue reading

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