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Smallville, One Way or Another

I have to admit that there was a moment early on in Superman & Lois episode 2 that I hoped they would cut to a scene of a meteor crashing through the Smallville sign with Remy Zero’s “Save Me” playing … Continue reading

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Stories Left to Tell

Tonight brought the premiere of Superman & Lois, the latest attempt at bringing the story of Superman to the small screen.  The character has been floating around on the CW for a few years now as a special guest.  Last … Continue reading

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Closer to Up, Up, and Away

These are interesting times to be a television watcher, in part because there’s not much television to watch.  I’ve been able to stream some older shows with my neighbors, which has been great.  Beyond that, the last couple of weeks … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis

Many years ago, the DC Comics universe consisted of a multitude of universes, all separated by vibrational frequency, that housed multiple versions of beloved characters.  Then, in an attempt to streamline things, DC Comics experienced its Crisis on Infinite Earths, … Continue reading

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A Thousand Actions

Next week brings something good and interesting into the story of American comic books.  For the first time ever, an American comic hits quadruple digits.  Action Comics starring Superman debuted 80 years ago next week.  The character has been through … Continue reading

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Waiting for Superman, While Waiting for The Hobbit

I TRIED.  I really tried. I was hoping to wait and see the new Man of Steel trailer for the first time Thursday night at midnight.  Then I read a bit about it and decided that I couldn’t wait. DC … Continue reading

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Superman Audience versus Batman Audience

SUPER-HEROES HAVE BEEN IN THE NEWS A LOT recently, and it turns out that marketing expert Seth Godin even went so far as to make the Superman/Batman dichotomy relevant to the world of sales. Imagine, if you will, two kinds … Continue reading

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