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Bruce Wayne’s Basement; Batman’s Attic

I finally got around to watching the LEGO Batman Movie (a la RedBox).  It definitely kept some of the manic-but-meaningful edge of The LEGO Movie.  I think it would probably have benefitted from a big-screen viewing (lesson learned).  The introduction … Continue reading

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Season’s Change

We’ve had some nice weather here in Honolulu these last few days.  Sure, it’s a little hot in the afternoon, but the early mornings and early evenings have been great for neighborhood walks. This past Sunday’s Frazz had something to … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: And Still the Hot Rolls

Today’s classic Peanuts strip felt a little different.  Sure, it was the requisite Father’s Day strip, which is always nice.  And it involved Charlie Brown and Linus, which is always a good sign.  But it was a real “talking” strip, … Continue reading

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Up, Up, and Away

For the first week of summer vacation, it was a long one.  Today was mostly decompressing and reading (with one work meeting thrown in for good measure).  Here’s a little four-color fun to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Superman … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Magic Carpet Ride

This week’s classic Calvin and Hobbes tells the tale of Calvin and his magic carpet ride.  It’s a cute series, playing off of a mundane hallway rug and the work situation of Calvin’s dad.  Here’s the most recent strip: You … Continue reading

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Left Holding the Blanket

A couple of weeks  ago I spent some time reflecting on a classic Peanuts strip series involved Charlie Brown and a kid named Thibault who used Chuck’s glove at Peppermint Patty’s request.  The strip was fun, with lots of good, … Continue reading

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Summertime Monopoly

Today’s Frazz by Jef Mallett captures a nice re-think of how we can interact with the world around us, particularly during summertime. (image from

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