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Summertime Help

Today was a day of reading, movies, sushi, cards, and talking with friends.  One of the best days of summer yet.  Kind of like this classic Calvin and Hobbes strip. (image from

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A Hope Beyond Renewal?

Yesterday I mentioned some of the ingredients in my “summer stew.”  As always, a good bit of reading and reflection.  My routines will keep me in good contact with the people around me, too, which is vital for me.  All … Continue reading

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Unwinding, Not Unraveling

And so the school year comes to an end.  Today is the first full day of summer vacation.  And while I have to go in for a couple of hours (or at least should), it’s nice to be done with … Continue reading

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Summertime Reruns

These have been good days in the “classic comics” department.  The last couple of weeks have seen the retelling of when Calvin accidentally wrecked the family car in Calvin and Hobbes.  Over in classic Peanuts, though, we’ve gotten a story … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Love Enough, and Time

Today’s classic Peanuts is another Chuck-and-Patty under-the-tree conversation.  It’s a nice, slow strip that has a nice, appropriate twist at the end.  I think one thing I like most about it is the mention of specific names that elude people … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Mother’s Day Calvin-Style

Bill Watterson created a cast of characters with wonderfully realized voices.  That’s particularly true of today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes, which is a “Calvin-style” celebration of Mother’s Day. (image from

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Farther from Home than Before

Today the folks at Sony dropped the trailer for July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.  The movie holds an interesting position, as it is the first “Marvel” movie post-Endgame.  And this trailer, much more than the previous trailer, gives away … Continue reading

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