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An Unexpected Reading Journey

So last week I looked into purchasing an old novel by George MacDonald (an inspiration of C. S. Lewis).  When it arrived, I realized that I had not read the “fine print” well- the “scholar’s edition” that I had purchased … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Celebrating Summer Reading

A day late for this, but better late than never.  That’s especially true when you get a quip about summer reading.  Yesterday’s four-color Frazz by Jef Mallett: We had an overcast, drizzly Independence Day here in Honolulu.  And not much … Continue reading

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A Kind of Summer Ending

It’s June 30th, which means I’m unofficially bringing a certain phase of “summer vacation” to an end.  June has been good: a quality trip home, a few weeks to (re)establish some daily and weekly rhythm and routines, good sleep and … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Great Lengths to Save the Planet

This week’s FoxTrot is a great visual gag with fun, familial implications.  Jason is always pretty creative, and this is a good reminder of that.  Funny that he has his own Super-Jason costume, too. (image from

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Short Season of Sequels

I finished Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary a few days ago.  It’s the kind of novel that almost demands a sequel (or at least a second novel that dovetails with missing but intriguing plot points).  Sequels are always a little … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: The Broom and the Bulb

Today’s Nancy strip by Olivia Jaimes resonates way more than it ought, I fear. (image from

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To Be and To Do

This week Frazz and Caulfield discussed a question that students get asked often (one I’m probably guilty of asking, too).  It’s a good question, though it probably nudges students to more stress than necessary.  Caulfield handles it well . . … Continue reading

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What We Might Have Given

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the “work” that I had set up for myself this summer using some thoughts from an Ephraim Radner article from March 2020.  At almost the same time, the folks at First Things also posted … Continue reading

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The Work of (This) Summer

After a good trip back home to Tennessee to see family and friends, I’m back in Honolulu adjusting to mostly-free days and evenings.  For many years, summer vacation was difficult for me (and summer school almost a necessity) because of … Continue reading

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Some Shade and Some Jade?

After a long time without much new television, it seems like we’ve got serial superhero madness all over the place (especially at the CW).  One of last summer’s few/great joys was the first season of Stargirl.  Because it was produced … Continue reading

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