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Bruce Wayne’s Basement; Batman’s Attic

I finally got around to watching the LEGO Batman Movie (a la RedBox).  It definitely kept some of the manic-but-meaningful edge of The LEGO Movie.  I think it would probably have benefitted from a big-screen viewing (lesson learned).  The introduction … Continue reading

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Season’s Change

We’ve had some nice weather here in Honolulu these last few days.  Sure, it’s a little hot in the afternoon, but the early mornings and early evenings have been great for neighborhood walks. This past Sunday’s Frazz had something to … Continue reading

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Time and the Doctor

Tonight brought the season (and perhaps series) finale to Fargo on FX.  This season was built well, hit lots of solid notes over the course of 10 episodes.  The law enforcement end of the story didn’t click as well as … Continue reading

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Chesterton on Romanticism and Realism

From “On Gargoyles,” the January 1909-penned introduction to Daylight and Nightmare, a collection of short pieces by G. K. Chesterton: Realism is simply Romanticism that has lost its reason.  This is so not merely in the sense of insanity but … Continue reading

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Our Arthurian Summer

We’re in the middle of an attempted summertime Arthurian renaissance.  I say attempted because it hasn’t been going all that well.  King Arthur and his knights are always swirling around somewhere in the creative, storytelling mix, which makes it interesting … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: And Still the Hot Rolls

Today’s classic Peanuts strip felt a little different.  Sure, it was the requisite Father’s Day strip, which is always nice.  And it involved Charlie Brown and Linus, which is always a good sign.  But it was a real “talking” strip, … Continue reading

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Entering the Dark (Cinematic) Universe

Today I caught an a.m. showing of The Mummy.  It was either that or Pirates, and I just wasn’t up for 2 1/2 hours of pirate storytelling (perhaps later this week).  Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy Returns was one of my … Continue reading

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