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Sunday’s Best: Forget It, Charlie Brown

There are a few things about today’s classic Peanuts strip by Charles Schulz that make it stand out on this fine November day.  First is the opening panel: an interesting “from the ground” shot that you don’t see that often … Continue reading

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Unbusy: Non-Stop to Nothing

These last few weeks have been a reminder of the frustration that comes with being busier than you ever intended to be.  In the midst of it all came news of the death of Eugene Peterson, who has probably shaped … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Nancy’s Neutral

The rebooted Nancy comic strip has made some valiant attempts at making a comic with a particularly contemporary technological sensibility.  Case in point: today’s Sunday strip. I’m not sure what Nancy needs by neutral.  I’m not sure she knows what … Continue reading

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Snoopy and the Unrecognizable Witness

This past Sunday’s classic Peanuts strip had a nice twist for the ongoing saga of the Great Pumpkin.  Makes you wonder if pastors and youth workers passed this strip around “back in the day.”  It’s always interesting to me when Schulz … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Fall into Winter

I think Caulfield is onto something in today’s Frazz comic strip.  Granted, most of us feel like Frazz most of the time.  But there is a sense that fall and winter get an unnecessarily bad rap. It’s also a beautifully … Continue reading

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Song for Another Leg of the Journey

A wonderful presentation of a classic song for the long road.

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Beyond Hot, Stinky Cat Dooky

There were two scenes in last week’s episode of The Good Place that were both hilarious and pertinent to some of the things that I cover in my upper level classes.  The first was “Jeremy Bearimy,” which NBC released as … Continue reading

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