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Being Benedict or Daring Daniel?

It’s always good to hear that Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” still hangs in the religious consciousness, if only amongst those on Twitter or fortunate enough to the Dreher speak.  Leah Libresco has a great new book on the concept, giving … Continue reading

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Marvel in the 90s

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the spring 2019 release of Captain Marvel.  And it’s quite the masterful trailer.  Check it out. You get just enough of a sense of who Carol Danvers is to be intrigued (particularly if … Continue reading

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A Key with Which to See

What I appreciate most about Oliver O’Donovan’s Self, World, and Time (which I have mentioned here and here) is its assertion that the way we live life matters.  This, I imagine, sounds like a no-brainer to most.  Ours is a … Continue reading

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O’Donovan and the Good Place

Back in June I posted a couple of entries having to do with the opening pages of Oliver O’Donovan’s Self, World, and Time, which is the first entry in his “Ethics as Theology” series.  I finally finished the trilogy and … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Start-Up Leg-Up

Today brought a fun and topical FoxTrot, this time with Apple and its most recent benchmark of success. (image from

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A Song Worth Sitting With

The latest album from Death Cab for Cutie has been out for a few weeks now.  It’s the kind of album that draws you to the lyrics more than the music, which is always something that Ben Gibbard and company … Continue reading

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Like It’s 1943

This weekend I finally finished The Year of Our Lord 1943 by Alan Jacobs.  In the book, Jacob traces the war-time thinking of thinkers like Simone Weil, Jacques Maritain, W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, and C. S. Lewis, particularly … Continue reading

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