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Sunday’s Best: The Interchangeability of STEM?

Ah, Paige.  You try so hard.  Here’s today’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend. (image from

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Patty’s Honest Question

Peppermint Patty has been in something of a bind in this last week’s worth of classic Peanuts strips over at  Her school has introduced a new dress code, which has been a difficult for Patty to make peace with. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: 10% of Almost Nothing?

Here’s today’s Frazz strip by Jef Mallett.  Not exactly how you want to start the new year, and yet it definitely makes a kind of sense . . . (image from

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Aquaman; Into the Spider-Verse

I’m trying to catch up on some movies that I didn’t get around to seeing because of the crazy end of semester/time traveling over the holidays.  On New Year’s Day, I saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which is as good … Continue reading

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A Song from the Painted Desert

The second semester of the year is about to begin, which means that Christmas break is turning into some early January chaos.  Lots of things to take care of, for sure. Here’s a recording of Andrew Osenga’s “Give Up” from … Continue reading

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Bringing It All Together

I’m giving a “professional development” talk at work tomorrow.  Here’s my content: I really hope things blend together well . . .

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“The Story We Carry in Our Bones”

One of my “best moments” in 2018 was the opportunity I had in the summer to “hang out” with James K. A. Smith for a while.  Not long, mind you, as there were a few dozen other people at Laity … Continue reading

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