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Sunday’s Best: The WuMo Filter

This week’s “Sunday’s Best” is actually last week’s “Sunday’s Best.”  I did not get around to posting last week’s WuMo which did a great job of capturing something critical about our particular moment in time. I’ve found my use of … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Move Along

Today’s Sunday Frazz strips moves along nicely, but it’s the last panel that seals the deal for the laugh.  Also: quality wordplay. (image from

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School Supply List: The Next Level

It’s always a jolt remembering that the school year starts at different times depending on tradition and philosophy.  Sometimes it feels like the kids in Frazz spend most of the hot summer days in the classroom.  The kids in Peanuts … Continue reading

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Birnam, Fangorn, and Ephraim

These last few days I’ve been thinking how this time of year, this time of life, would be a great time for a nice visit to Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea.  Something about deep rest, I … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Summer’s Fade

Today’s Sunday Frazz is a nice visual with an almost-universal sentiment.  Even as the temperatures stay high and the sun burns bright, summer itself continues its slow fade. (image from

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Entertainment Culture, A Warning

While tracking down a short piece by A. W. Tozer to use for the faculty in a future meeting, I came across his piece titled “The Great God Entertainment.”  The piece, written in the 1950s, feels utterly appropriate for our … Continue reading

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A Simple Code

This past week I spoke to some students about the importance of having some kind of code (or what others would call a rule).  The context was the realization that a lot of things were being thrown at them (which … Continue reading

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