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Liturgy as Friendship

I think about worship a lot, even though I rarely if every “lead” in it.  Over the last few years, I’ve tried to learn from more liturgical churches, the how and why of standing and sitting, chanting and reading in … Continue reading

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Freedom and Geography

While Calvin and Hobbes is wrapping up a week’s camping in the rain, Charlie Brown and Sally are enjoying some time at the beach . . . sort of. That’s kind of a civics lesson, Sally.  Then comes the geography … Continue reading

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Health and Community

From Wendell Berry’s “Health is Membership”: I believe that health is wholeness . . . I am not “against technology” so much as I am for community.  When the choice is between the health of a community and technological innovation, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Vacation for Vacation

It’s always a rare treat when the Sunday strip synched up the the storyline running in the dailies.  Bill Watterson was able to pull that off a number of times with Calvin and Hobbes.  The folks at have been … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose the Plot

One more video of from a recent concert by the Killers.  Also from Day and Age, here’s “This is Your Life,” one of my favorite tracks from the band.

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Like Rocks to Stone

That’s some Medusa-level power she has there. (image from

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Dustland Fairytale Revisited

A recent performance of a classic from the Killers to close out another non-stop Thursday.

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