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Sunday’s Best: Toss the Frozen Pizza

This week’s all-new FoxTrot is one of a few great Sunday strips this time around.  It’s a simple gag with good play on a concept that’s pretty significant in our culture today: authenticity. Today has been an odd one.  Hurricane Douglas … Continue reading

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On the Edge

It’s an odd thing, waiting on the edge of a storm.  But that’s where we’re at as we wait to see what becomes of Hurricane Douglas. Yesterday was my first official full day back at work.  It was the first … Continue reading

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Before Trapping a Space Robot . . .

There were two really good moments in this week’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.   One of them I’m going to hold off on just a little bit longer.  The first, though, is the clip below.  Just before the moment goes romantic … Continue reading

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Sometimes one-off strips just go somewhere unexpectedly sweet.  Like this classic Calvin and Hobbes. (image from

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Frazz with a Flourish

Tonight’s Agents of SHIELD had at least two brilliant moments, and I’ll get to them sometime later this week.  The day has been packed with school stuffy, audited-class stuff, and Wednesday errands.  And in the middle of it all, we … Continue reading

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Walk Out the Summer

Yesterday I mentioned that summer had all but come to an end for me.  I have to say that this morning was a nice coda to that.  I’ve got my twice-yearly dental visits sets for January and July to line … Continue reading

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Surviving the Reboot

One of the interesting (to me, at least) aspects of long-term storytelling is how you go about “refreshing” a property in ways that keep long-time followers invested while also reaching out to others.  It forces you, in the long run, … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: When the Rules Keep Changing

At least three great Sunday strips today over at  This classic Calvin and Hobbes strip by Bill Watterson takes the win, though, based on two words: booger balls. Beyond those two words, the strip is a nice picture of … Continue reading

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The Week Looking Back

The big news of the week was this: I’ve known for a while that Aaronovitch had written a number of shorter pieces for the continuing saga of Peter Grant and friends.  I’d even tracked a few of them down online.  … Continue reading

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Minding the Messengers

In the section of Antifragile about “skin in the game,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines prophets and their task: Prophecy is a pledge of belief, little else.  A prophet is not someone who first had an idea; he is the one … Continue reading

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