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Sunday’s Best: Complexity

A bit of an odd day in the funny pages today.  Maybe it’s the post-New-Year’s/pre-Valentine’s Day slump.  Today’s Frazz stands out as a thoughtful peace though, encapsulating the unintended (and intended) consequences of complex situations.  Not something you see in … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Seasonal Rates

Today’s classic Peanuts strip is good in its own right (and by good, I mean both quirky and a little sad), but it also has a feature I’ve not seen before in a Peanuts strip . . . I’d never … Continue reading

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“The Weeks Are Just Packed”

Once again, Jef Mallett gets the sense of the last couple of weeks spot-on. The weeks, Calvin might say, are just packed.  It’s the closest things have been to the chaos of this time last year (thankfully, I did not … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Sunday Snowday

Snow is all over the funny pages today, in both classic and contemporary strips.  This classic Peanuts Sunday strip by Charles Schulz is both philosophical and practical in a fun way.  Lucy and Linus both have a real way with … Continue reading

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Lord of the Full-Season Review

The last week or so has been pretty busy, which explains my dropping of some threads here even if it doesn’t excuse it.  Back to those threads soon.  But for now . . . The Nerd of the Rings recap … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: What Was She Thinking?

Probably that the lighting was nice and the background angle was perfect.  Alas, Medusa.  A little bit of Narcissus, too, it seems. (image from

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“Where Self-Improvement Goes to Die”

I’ll try and get back to Charles Taylor and the contemporary church tomorrow.  Today I’d like to past a weekday comic strip or two that I’ve saved for later but not gotten around to posting. + + + + + … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Someday Balance

Caulfield and Frazz have been “on fire” when it comes to thinking about the end of one year and the beginning of another.  Today’s Frazz is another picture of the hopes and realities of starting a new year. (image from … Continue reading

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Between Stories and Ages

In his discussion of churches and “the therapeutic gospel,” Brad East writes this about a possible generational difference in retelling the Gospel: Boomers, Gen X, and even some older Millennials do not want to reproduce what they understand themselves to … Continue reading

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas . . .

For some time, I’ve been meaning to write something about this blog post by Brad East of Abilene Christian University. + + + + + + + I discovered East’s blog through Twitter some time in 2022.  It was a … Continue reading

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