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Lord of the Full-Season Review

The last week or so has been pretty busy, which explains my dropping of some threads here even if it doesn’t excuse it.  Back to those threads soon.  But for now . . . The Nerd of the Rings recap … Continue reading

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Doctor’s (Return) Visit

Just about nine years ago, we got this hum-dinger of a scene at the end of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: And yesterday, with Jodie Whitaker’s final episode, we got this: Time will tell just how gimmicky the move … Continue reading

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Between Vigilance and Vengeance

We’re two episodes away from the end of the first season of The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime.  It’s been a fun 6 episodes so far, putting to the screen characters and locations that have mostly only resided in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Bilbo

It’s that time of year again, when Bilbo Baggins’s birthday comes back around.  It’s always worth revisiting this clip from The Fellowship of the Ring: In line with this Tolkien moment, we’re halfway through the first season of The Rings … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Calvin’s State of Mind

Today’s classic Calvin and Hobbes works well on multiple levels: simple dialogue, intentional layout, and beautiful art.  I quite like the distance that is built into the final panel, too. (image from

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Stranger Thors

This past week was an interesting one with popular long-form storytelling.  I was able to catch the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 while also watching the fourth Thor movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  While I enjoyed them … Continue reading

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Checking In

These first couple of weeks of summer vacation have been a little twisty.  Good, but twisty. It’s taken some time for me to get used to the sun rising so early and setting so late.  It’s almost like I’ve not … Continue reading

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Out-of-Date Update?

This past weekend I finally made it to the “barracks” of the Others from LOST.  We took a group of students to Camp Erdman for a day camp, our first off-site trip like that in over a year.  It was … Continue reading

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Rings in the New Age

It’s been some time since Amazon first announced their plans to adapt the stories by Tolkien that preceded the age of hobbits and the One Ring.  This past Sunday, they finally released a teaser trailer for the September-premiering The Rings … Continue reading

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Return to the Lake District

I’m almost a little ashamed at how excited I was to see this today: Between this and the new Around the World in 80 Days series that starts this Sunday, there’s a good bit of British television to enjoy!

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