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Many Speed Force Returns

This week saw the return of super-heroes to the CW.  And while ratings were down for three of the four DC Comics shows (Legends was steady with last year), The Flash shows some real potential to move forward this season. … Continue reading

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All Together Now

We’re one week out from the premiere of a new season of super-hero shows on the CW.  Words has already started spreading about this year’s four-show crossover.  Last year we had more of a three-show story (the Supergirl episode was … Continue reading

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Macbeth by way of McDonald’s

Just back from a weekend at camp.  Catching up on a season six episode of 30 Rock led me to this gem, which I had no recollection of when the season originally aired. Fassbender’s Macbeth has nothing on Mayor McCheese.

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Return to the Good Place

Somehow I missed the announcement that the second season of NBC’s The Good Place was premiering tonight.  Here’s a quick “look” at the new season, which picks up from season one in a way that makes everything just new enough, … Continue reading

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When the Flash is Back

Well, this is interesting: Looks like we’re getting Barry Allen back quite early in the fourth season of The Flash.  New logo.  New costume.  “The Flash Reborn,” indeed. One month to go . . .

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Sunday’s Best: Flipping the Formula

Once again, Caulfield is onto something.  Today’s Sunday-sized Frazz by Jef Mallett: I do wish the world of Bryson Elementary had a couple of more adult figures who were a little more keyed in to what Caulfield understands.  It would … Continue reading

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Leslie Knope and the Tourist

Last weekend I spent some time in my classroom trying to catch up in hopes of getting ahead.  To help with this, I put Parks and Recreation season two in the DVD player.  The show is immensely re-watchable.  I haven’t … Continue reading

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