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Actively Waiting (cultural liturgies again)

We’re less than a month away from the release of the third and final volume of James K. A. Smith’s “Cultural Liturgies” series.  That series, which started back in 2009, was formative in how I started thinking about worldview and … Continue reading

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Stonehenge and Oxford

A few days behind posting anything trip-related here.  WiFi has been a little sketchier than I had anticipated, so I’ll try and get a few things ready for the next bit. The second day “on tour” was a morning at … Continue reading

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Windsor Day

After a day of travel from Honolulu to LAX, from LAX to Detroit, and from Detroit to Heathrow, the group I am with finally made its way to our first major location: Windsor Castle.  We had visited Windsor before, as … Continue reading

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Returning to Area X for the First Time

One of the most interesting sci-fi-fi reads for me over the last few years was Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation.  It’s the first in the “Southern Reach” trilogy, a trio of books released one every six months for a year.  The story … Continue reading

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Far from the Maze

This past weekend at camp I had a good conversation with a co-worker about the state of movies, particularly those of the dystopian/teenage kind.  I had such high hopes for The Hunger Games, even though I left most of those … Continue reading

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Macbeth by way of McDonald’s

Just back from a weekend at camp.  Catching up on a season six episode of 30 Rock led me to this gem, which I had no recollection of when the season originally aired. Fassbender’s Macbeth has nothing on Mayor McCheese.

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Class in Session: In a Digital Age

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite authors posted the syllabus to “Living and Thinking in a Digital Age,” the honors course he would be teaching this fall semester.  Beyond that, he posted links and DropBox-copies for most of … Continue reading

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