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Sunday’s Best: What’s That in Your Hand

Always a lesson for Calvin, it seems.  Another classic Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strip by Bill Watterson that is product of its time that points to truth great and small.  And the kid’s facial expressions are amazing, as always. The … Continue reading

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Middle Earth Lost-and-Found

It feels like forever since there’s been any good Lord of the Rings humor.  Usually it’s at the expense of Gandalf or the Hobbits, so it’s nice to see the ring on another finger . . . (image from

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Gut-Level Medicine

Talk about what happens to best-laid plans . . . My hopes of “getting back into work” this week just haven’t materialized.  And with good reason, really.  A couple of days ago, my church voted in a new pastor.  So … Continue reading

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Everyday Endgames

Yesterday ended up being a particularly good day. Which is great, because I spent most of the day thinking it was time to get back to work.  Let me explain. My plans to go into work a little each day … Continue reading

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Summer Stew

On some level, the transition from school year to summer-time is an opportunity to trade out one set of concerns for another.  Time works a particular way during the school year: the days are packed with routines and habits that … Continue reading

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Tolkien, Myth, and Reality

Last night I had the opportunity to catch an early showing of the new Tolkien biopic.  I’d known about the showing for a while, but wasn’t sure I would make the early showing, even though it had a 30-minute interview … Continue reading

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On Landscapes and People

While I’m moving rather slowly through it, my reading of the Letters of C. S. Lewis has been interesting on multiple levels.  Right now I’m in the middle of a long letter from Jack to his brother involving a week-long … Continue reading

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