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Previewing the Oasis

The second trailer for Spielberg’s Ready Player One dropped yesterday, and it’s just what a second trailer needs to be.  Definitely more is revealed about the quest of the story.  More than that, the trailer points well to the stakes … Continue reading

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Forever Father Christmas

Finished most of my “ship to home” shopping this afternoon.  A few years ago I decided it was much easier to mail the chocolate mac-nuts, coffees, and calendars home instead of packing it all in the suitcase and then trudging … Continue reading

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Technology and the Season

Yesterday I mentioned reading C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity as one of the “practices” that I’m putting in place for the Advent season.  Suggestions for times like these usually involve both adding and removing from the routine to help set … Continue reading

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Running the Halls (or: revisiting Mere Christianity)

One of the few practices I’m trying out over the Advent season is the (re)reading of a book.  Because the season last just over three weeks, I thought it was a decent amount of time to do a slow reread … Continue reading

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Against the Objective

I finally sat down to watch the documentary about the life and work of Wendell Berry, Look and See.  I’d been putting off for a month, but a five-hour plane ride can inspire you like that. The movie begins with … Continue reading

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Faith and Politics

It was a strange thing, reading Smith’s Awaiting the King off and on throughout “Christ the King” Sunday.  Smith is taking his argument about the Christian faith’s political implications much farther than I anticipated, which has made it a good … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day of travel, walking, and eating.  Here’s a quick picture of one of my favorite places in Victoria: Russell’s Books.  And I only bought two books today. And this isn’t even my favorite section of the … Continue reading

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