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The Many Deaths of Lent

Turns out the first casualty of Lent 2018 was Jesus. Let me explain. I heard two high quality sermons on the first Sunday on Lent.  On Sunday morning, I heard a great sermon rooted in the prophet’s vision in Isaiah … Continue reading

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Lewis and the “Nasty People”

A few days ago I was reflecting on the place of the (Christian) seeker in the midst of other Christians who may no longer really be seeking much of anything (at least in some existential way). This is not to … Continue reading

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Imagination Under Fire?

After the fourth grade-level camp of the year, I made my way to the theater to catch a showing of (the very well-made) Black Panther.  Lots of good trailers beforehand.  One that wasn’t there, though, was the March-dropping Ready Player … Continue reading

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Walker Percy and the 98%

Early in The Moviegoer, Binx Bolling starts talking about “the search” that he finds himself on when he is not too “sunk” into reality.  Soon after that initial talk of the search (which I mentioned here), Bolling continues: What do … Continue reading

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Describing Generation Z

One of the things that we talk about in our classroom discussions about ethics is the category of ethics known as “descriptive ethics.”  It really is as simple as the term itself: descriptive ethics is concerned with communicating what is … Continue reading

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The Nature of the Search

I was recently inspired to re-read The Moviegoer by Walker Percy.  I read it soon after moving to Hawaii, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit (as I seem to have forgotten quite a bit). Here’s one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Poetry, Please

This poem by Wendell Berry showed up in my Twitter feed yesterday. I quite like it, particularly as a distillation of Berry’s thought and practice. (hat tip to Nick Ripatrazone)

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