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Gut-Level Medicine

Talk about what happens to best-laid plans . . . My hopes of “getting back into work” this week just haven’t materialized.  And with good reason, really.  A couple of days ago, my church voted in a new pastor.  So … Continue reading

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Summertime Trivium

In yesterday’s post I mentioned three things I was keeping in mind as I planned out and worked through my summer.  Those three things we mostly “structural.”  By that I mean they are key to the framework of the season. … Continue reading

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A Hope Beyond Renewal?

Yesterday I mentioned some of the ingredients in my “summer stew.”  As always, a good bit of reading and reflection.  My routines will keep me in good contact with the people around me, too, which is vital for me.  All … Continue reading

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Summer Stew

On some level, the transition from school year to summer-time is an opportunity to trade out one set of concerns for another.  Time works a particular way during the school year: the days are packed with routines and habits that … Continue reading

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Unwinding, Not Unraveling

And so the school year comes to an end.  Today is the first full day of summer vacation.  And while I have to go in for a couple of hours (or at least should), it’s nice to be done with … Continue reading

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Farther from Home than Before

Today the folks at Sony dropped the trailer for July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home movie.  The movie holds an interesting position, as it is the first “Marvel” movie post-Endgame.  And this trailer, much more than the previous trailer, gives away … Continue reading

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43: Against Abstraction

This week I started reading the letters of C. S. Lewis.  I’ve skimmed them many times before.   But I’ve never done a full reading like I did with Tolkien a few years ago.  So as I start a new … Continue reading

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