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Quizzical Changes

I mentioned Sunday that there was a number of good full-size strips to share this week.  Sunday it was FoxTrot and The Mandalorian.  Today it’s Frazz and some school humor with a twist of occupational reality. (image from

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“Though the Fig Tree…”

It’s just Tuesday, but boy has it been a week.  I found good comfort in today’s reading from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk.  The minor prophet had this to say as his book drew to a close with its … Continue reading

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Though a bit later than usual, this week was the week that students received their school portraits.  It might seem a small thing, but even with uniforms these pictures are snapshots of a particular moment in time. Which isn’t to … Continue reading

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Missing the Turn

This past Friday I went out to dinner with my neighbors.  We decided to grab a bite down at Ala Moana Center.  I’m a regular there, eating breakfast at a local diner there at least once a week whenever things … Continue reading

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No Getting Out

The days are just packed this week.  The school days, that is.  While things are slowing down for me some temporarily with chapel, things are picking up in other areas.  Tomorrow I’m leading a faculty workshop with our elementary faculty.  … Continue reading

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“Then You’re in Trouble”

These days can wear you down in different ways, chipping away in places you don’t think much about until you notice a change in things.  Today was nice because I had a good, old-fashioned lesson with a socially-distanced room of … Continue reading

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Shelling Philosophical Peanuts

A couple of “recent” classic Peanuts strips have been more philosophical than usual.  Granted, there’s almost always a tinge of kids asking deep questions, but there two are particularly resonate.  First up: It’s always impressive when someone renders rain well … Continue reading

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“Maps and Dreaming”

So this morning we settled in to what would hopefully have been a normal Monday morning the start of a normal school week.  Things were going mostly well (ill-timed lesson plan aside) until after lunch, when, for no obvious reason, … Continue reading

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What Never Crosses Your Mind

A little academic humor to bring the first week of the second quarter to a close.  Sally always has an interesting (and hysterical in its own way) response to the world of learning and grades.  This classic Peanuts strip helps … Continue reading

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Exponential Learning

The week has gone well.  It’s been busy, but it’s also been good.  Today I got to see some students that I hadn’t been around in what feels like forever.  I got to take part in a couple of faculty … Continue reading

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