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Walking without an Umbrella

Tonight was the first time in a while that I went out for a walk without an umbrella.  We had a beautiful sunset, which was a nice way to wrap things up before classes start.  The rest of the day … Continue reading

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TIME Magazine recently published a short piece by N. T. Wright about Our Current Moment.  The title says it so well:  Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It’s Not Supposed To.  “That’s not supposed to be true,” you might … Continue reading

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Streams of Loving and Learning

I spent a chunk of my afternoon today working trying to get a better understanding of what the next week of teaching will look like for me.  I checked out the platform that I’ll most likely be using to record … Continue reading

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Figuring It Out

These last few days have been interesting in their normalcy for me.  Wednesday was the last day that I’ll get out to do more than go to the grocery store, I imagine.  I had a dermatology appointment: annual check-up (many … Continue reading

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Lighting a Candle

Last week I mentioned Andrew Peterson’s Local Show as going live and online in light of Our Current Moment.  A number of other artists have also gone online to share things with followers and fans.  Today, and just in time, … Continue reading

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“Meet Me Halfway”

I had not planned on this site becoming any kind of “day in the life” journal for my spring break, but that’s kind of the rhythm that has set in over the last few days.  Before I get started, here’s … Continue reading

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Not Quite Time Flying

And so the quarter comes to an end.  Bittersweet, since the future is more uncertain than usual.  But a good day nonetheless.  Most of my grading is done.  Got three packages in the mail: one from home, one from Hearts … Continue reading

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