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The Thing and the Story

Mr. Root is onto something, I believe.

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Playing our Roles Fittingly (Civics Edition)

In class I often revisit the question of “how can I play my role fittingly?” in light of the biblical story.  This is a nod to both N. T. Wright’s “five-act play” of the biblical story and Kevin Vanhoozer’s “drama … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Test-Taking Momentum

Tomorrow I’m giving my first test of the new semester.  I’m kind of sad that there’s no true-or-false on the test, though I’m not sure my students feel tests the same way Peppermint Patty seems to in today’s classic Peanuts … Continue reading

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Jacob and the Face of God

Yesterday I mentioned the manuscript I wrote for this week’s chapel.  The topic was Jacob’s encounter with God.  The task was partly to retell the story to an audience who has a basic knowledge of the story.  Here’s a cleaned-up … Continue reading

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Submitted for Your Approval?

I recently spoke for what will probably be “the last time” in chapel this quarter.  If the timing goes well, it could be my last time for the year.  We’ll see.  Either way, in my head I had planned on … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: A Lesson in Irritants

A handful of good Sunday comics to get to throughout the week.  Here’s today’s Frazz by Jef Mallett.  It is, of course, the season for sinus infections and cold-like symptoms.  Caulfield, as always, has learned a lesson.  I’m not sure … Continue reading

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From Spyfall to Planetfall

One thing an early January start-date allows for Doctor Who is that there’s not much broadcast TV competition.  What makes it even sweeter is that the season, two episodes in, has really leaned into the show’s mythology more than every … Continue reading

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