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Generational Encouragement of a Necessary Kind

I finally got around to watching Chris Pratt’s “Generation Award” acceptance speech at the recent MTV Video and TV Awards.  It’s one of those nice bits of pop culture that float to the top every now and then that can … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts on First Reformed?

Scratch the surface of the 96% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating for First Reformed and you’ll find frustration and discontent from those hoping for a more faith-filled movie about a small church pastor trying to make sense of the ever-bleaker world … Continue reading

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Working Lonely

Last month I posted a couple of links to Comment Magazine (along with an extended quote from Henri Nouwen) on the topic of loneliness.  Comment’s most recent issue is about social isolation, and little by little they have released parts … Continue reading

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A Matter of Formation

It’s both interesting and sobering to see how the roles of faith and Scripture are being shaped and perhaps recast in our contemporary moment.  Yesterday’s online conversation was dominated by the meaning of Romans 13 as it relates to government … Continue reading

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Kill Your (Social Media) Darlings?

It’s odd to think about how quickly our culture became mediated by digital technology.  I started up a blog soon after moving to Hawaii to keep friends and family back home aware of my life.  Facebook took on that role, … Continue reading

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Update on That Temporary Vocational Stretch

Just over a year ago I posted some thoughts on what I had dubbed my “temporary vocational stretch.”  I’m now one year into that stretch, and it seems that the stretch isn’t quite over.  In May, we made moves that … Continue reading

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The Gospel Charge to Stay Awake

Yesterday’s Gospel reading from the Daily Office started with one of my favorite “kingdom” verses and then moved into O’Donovan/wake-up territory.  The “kingdom” verse and following from Luke 12: 32 “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure … Continue reading

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