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The Story of a Vocation

This weekend I spent some time in my classroom getting ready for the end of the semester.  When I do that kind of thing, I usually play sermons or lectures that I find on YouTube.  This time I listened to … Continue reading

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“A Truer, Better Anxiety”

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second week of Advent.  Different churches mark the weeks differently, some leaning into themes like hope and love but in different orders, others revisiting key moments in the biblical story.  I like the approach … Continue reading

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How You Remind Me

We’re a few days into the Advent season.   I think maybe it’s my favorite season of the church calendar, as it’s a kind of mellow, reflective time that looks forward to something amazing breaking into history not once but twice.  … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Red Sea Today

It’s always nice to see a Bible-themed comic on a Sunday.  WuMo does that for us today: There’s obviously an ecological message going on here.  True and duly noted.  There’s also another level to it that comes into play when … Continue reading

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A Song from the Road

During my recent trip to England and Scotland with students, we had the opportunity to spend some time in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford.  While the main reason for going in is seeing the place where Shakespeare is buried, it’s … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: The WuMo Filter

This week’s “Sunday’s Best” is actually last week’s “Sunday’s Best.”  I did not get around to posting last week’s WuMo which did a great job of capturing something critical about our particular moment in time. I’ve found my use of … Continue reading

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Birnam, Fangorn, and Ephraim

These last few days I’ve been thinking how this time of year, this time of life, would be a great time for a nice visit to Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea.  Something about deep rest, I … Continue reading

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