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Sunday’s Best: The WuMo Filter

This week’s “Sunday’s Best” is actually last week’s “Sunday’s Best.”  I did not get around to posting last week’s WuMo which did a great job of capturing something critical about our particular moment in time. I’ve found my use of … Continue reading

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Birnam, Fangorn, and Ephraim

These last few days I’ve been thinking how this time of year, this time of life, would be a great time for a nice visit to Rivendell, the Last Homely House East of the Sea.  Something about deep rest, I … Continue reading

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Entertainment Culture, A Warning

While tracking down a short piece by A. W. Tozer to use for the faculty in a future meeting, I came across his piece titled “The Great God Entertainment.”  The piece, written in the 1950s, feels utterly appropriate for our … Continue reading

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A Simple Code

This past week I spoke to some students about the importance of having some kind of code (or what others would call a rule).  The context was the realization that a lot of things were being thrown at them (which … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: FoxTrot on Fire

While it’s unfortunate that we don’t get new FoxTrot strips throughout the week, I’m glad that we at least get something new from the mind and pen of Bill Amend on Sundays.  Here’s today’s FoxTrot strip from It’s fun … Continue reading

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Wendell Berry and “The Commitment That Doesn’t See Any End”

At the end of a recent interview with Amanda Petrusich of The New Yorker, Wendell Berry characterized the life of faith with some interesting wording.  When asked about religion, particularly in terms of his parents’ faith and his upbringing, Berry … Continue reading

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Summertime Trivium

In yesterday’s post I mentioned three things I was keeping in mind as I planned out and worked through my summer.  Those three things we mostly “structural.”  By that I mean they are key to the framework of the season. … Continue reading

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