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Easter Sunday’s Best

Upon finding this song by Rick Elias that was on Rich Mullins’s The Jesus Record, I discovered that Elias had recently died from cancer.  Elias was a founding member of the Ragamuffin Band, which played with Mullins often.  The comment … Continue reading

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“I’ve Got a Feeling”

In the spring of 1921, some eight years before his conversion to Christianity, C. S. Lewis said this about death: I have seen death fairly often and never yet been able to find it anything but extraordinary and rather incredible. … Continue reading

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The Lonely Pilgrim’s Regress

One of the best parts of C. S. Lewis’s The Pilgrim’s Regress is the afterword to the book’s third edition.  The book, the first Lewis wrote after his conversion to Christianity, is a fantastical retelling of his journey to the … Continue reading

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A Rule for Embracing, Resisting, and Attending

My first week of spring break is quietly and quickly coming to an end.  And while I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d hoped, I have been able to do some quality reading.  This afternoon, I finished Justin Whitmel … Continue reading

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Memory and the Season

Hans Boersma, whose Heavenly Participation I hope to write through over the next week or so, just had a short piece published over at First Things.  While it is tied to the season of Lent, it definitely has implications for … Continue reading

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The Journey of Lent

One last Lent-specific post for the week.  From a recent essay from the folks at Public Discourse: In important ways, both the story of Jesus’ tempting by Satan and the season of Lent evoke the traditional Christian practice of pilgrimage. Pilgrimages … Continue reading

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The Hunger and the Hope

This past Sunday I found myself really wanting to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  While I enjoyed it as a theatrical release, it hasn’t really aged well on the home-player.  Something about the whole Canto Bight subplot is just … Continue reading

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